Saudi Vision 2030 Impact on IT Sector in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Vision 2030 Impact on IT Sector in Saudi Arabia

A cutting-edge area for data and correspondence advances is indispensable to the present progressed mechanical exercises.

Saudi Vision 2030 aims to change Saudi Arabia into an internationally cutthroat ICT centre with present-day advancements and an engaged data society.

The 'flourishing economy' part of the Vision depends on the Kingdom's capacity to enhance its economy and decrease its dependence on oil. The change of the economy will have wide going ramifications for the Image result for the data and correspondence technology area, including the recalibration of the administrative structure, expanded interest for ability and new freedoms for technology-centred organizations.

The Vision imagines numerous investment subjects, including the improvement of the advanced substance and media, the development of the telecom framework, the digitization of the nation, and the making of new cutting edge and shrewd enterprises.

The government is working close by the private area to modernize the ICT foundation, improving the administrative system to empower new imaginative investments, and building the most appropriate environment to help business visionaries and computerized abilities.

A lot of sectors are currently making tremendous progress in Saudi Arabia; business set up in Saudi Arabia can prove to be quite beneficial for an investor.

Facts & Figures According to the Kingdom

  • 37% of households are covered by fibre optics (23% in 2016)
  • 28.5 B SAR e-commerce market size in Saudi Arabia
  • 29.3 Mbps Average mobile broadband speed (9.08 Mbps in 2016)
  • 29.8 Mbps Average fixed broadband speed (15.7 Mbps in 2016)
  • 88% Coverage of 4G as a percentage of the population (77.3% in 2016)
  • 71% Digital maturity level percentage of eGovernment services (58% in 2016)

Ambitions for the IT sector

The government of Saudi Arabia has many goals they want to achieve once the Saudi Vision 2030 is executed.

E-Government Leadership

The Kingdom means to turn into a worldwide innovator in e-government by extending web benefits and further developing its administration guidelines. It is trusted that this, thus, will help straightforwardness and diminish delays.

Until now, a decent arrangement of progress has been made in e-government with the extent of online administrations having been extended throughout the last decade to incorporate business programs, online quests for new employment, e-learning administrations, traffic, travel papers and civil issues, online instalment administrations and online issuance of business registers.

The extent of current online administrations will be extended further to incorporate regions like geographic data, medical care and instruction. In addition, quality is scheduled to improve by smoothing out measures and enhancing correspondence channels.

The government will likewise uphold the more extensive utilization of online applications in government offices, for example, cloud applications, information sharing stages and HR the executives' frameworks.

Albeit not explicitly alluded to in Vision 2030, the advancement of 'Smart Cities' additionally has all the earmarks of being a space of core interest. As of late, the main yearly Saudi Smart Cities meeting occurred in Riyadh, with more than 700 members from services and governmental bodies from across the Kingdom joining in.

The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MoMRA) utilized the gathering as a stage to unite key partners and start a conversation about accepted procedures and driving advancements and administrations that could include in the proposed Smart Cities.

It has been accounted for that the Kingdom will invest over US$500 billion into modernizing its foundation across the 285 regions in accordance with worldwide guidelines to give the best personal satisfaction for its residents.


The Vision has recognized that customary retail overwhelms around 50% of the market in the Kingdom contrasted with 20% in various nations in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), with the retail market experiencing restricted entrance of currency exchange and internet business.

The government means to build the commitment of present-day exchange and online business to 80 per cent in the retail area by 2030. This is intended to be accomplished by drawing in both provincial and international retail investors, expanding financing of little retail ventures to invigorate their development and advancement, and facilitating proprietorship and foreign investment limitations.


Vision 2030 offers an extraordinary chance for the improvement of the Kingdom's data and correspondence technology area, and technology-focused organizations working in the district are all around set to profit with this game-changing drive throughout the next few years.

The potential for Vision 2030 to accomplish its expressed points will to a great extent, rely upon the capacity of government elements to work with private area partners to further develop the business climate, including by changing the administrative system, working with the progression of private investment, creating and supporting neighbourhood ability and speeding up permitting methods.

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