The Secret behind Abu Dhabi’s tourism growth

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Looking at the immense growth in Abu Dhabi’s tourism sector, one could only assume that the government would have collected magical intergalactic stones, squeezed them in a Golden Gauntlet and snapped millions of tourists into travelling to the capital of the United Arab Emirates. However, if it isn't magic, then there have to be some dominant factors in the backend that have influenced this enormous growth. A record number of nearly 10.3 Million foreign tourists were hosted in UAE in the year 2018, and yet critics cannot wait to look at the statistics of 2019 because now even without the use of statistical data, it has become pretty evident that the tourism sector has escalated to a whole new level.

The inter-cultural Style of location branding

Remember those advertisements that all of us have watched on television where an Arab Sheik is found dancing in the desert. In a split second, the camera shifts to mind-blowing cloud-piercing structures, blooming sand dunes, eye candy islands and a highly sophisticated and co-operative establishment of businesses in and around the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Even the minuscule of attractions such as Camel rides, Arabian food and the custom tunic and scarfs are branded in the most detailed manner. This style of location branding initially started with Dubai proudly depicting the emirate's culture and tradition followed by Abu Dhabi.

The usual tourism advertisements include catchy music and beautiful landscapes, but the Emirati style tourism advertisements purely drown international viewers into UAE's cultural prestige thereby, influencing viewers to experience this first hand. It is this style of proudly publicising the values and traditions of the UAE that has acted as a welcoming call to travellers. Countries like China and India that rank with Abu Dhabi in the top 3 famous tourist nations also follows the same form of cultural branding giving tourists more insight into the experiences that can be consumed by visiting these countries.

Why is Abu Dhabi unique?

The Abu Dhabi Tourism and Culture Authority recently announced that the campaign for promoting tourism globally has also endorsed the business sector as well and thus, many business opportunities have been unveiled for tourism, hospitality, financial services and real estate. This has simplified the struggle to set up a business in Abu Dhabi and has paved the way for new multi-national corporate entities to set their sights on the heart of UAE. In recognition of the growing prosperities, Abu Dhabi decided to step on the accelerator and focus on a more globally beneficial perspective.

1.Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 2019

While the world stood on the brink of debates and discussions on how to solve current issues threatening the Earth, Abu Dhabi stood on the forefront and decided to conduct Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week 9th edition from January 12 to January 19. This initiative was established long before the UN sustainability goals were established in 2015. It is the largest gathering for inspiring innovation through dialogues, demonstrations and support from an international community to achieve different sustainable objectives.

The theme for this year's ADSW Edition 9 was "Industry Convergence: Accelerating Sustainable Development" igniting the spirit of cohesive industrialisation and globalisation all for the co-operative succession of sustainable development. A few topics that were widely focused on during the ADSW 2019 were

  • Biotechnology
  • Future Mobility
  • Energy and Climate Change
  • Water conservation
  • Digitalisation  

2.The Iceberg Project

We know what you're thinking, first of all, No we are not crazy and second of all Yes, UAE is planning to tow a ginormous iceberg from Antarctica and settle it on the coast of Abu Dhabi. The plan was proposed in early 2018 and made public later that year by the government under his Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces. The proposal was made sighting the risk of calamities such as a nationwide drought, a similar to Cape Town’s Day Zero crisis and the lack of fresh water for agricultural development. In terms of tourism, the government has announced that this will also favour the tourism industry as there are proposals being made by private companies to establish an exclusive "iceberg tourism-park" where tourists can enjoy the leisure of relaxation on a miniature iced mountain while tanning in the hot sun and acquire a best of both worlds experience.

Tourism and Hospitality – 2 sides of the same coin

When on the one hand the tourism industry is set to experience more growth throughout the next few years as economists are saying that the industry will continue to contribute 2.7% and more towards the GDP of Abu Dhabi until 2025. Abu Dhabi is the highest contributor to GDP through tourism industry standing above the other GCC nations. The industry that will benefit on the sidelines is the Hospitality industry which is under the sights of multi-national hotel chains that are planning to set up their branches in Abu Dhabi and provide quality accommodation services for multitudes of crowds with a minuscule of taxes across all seasons. Hence, it can only be said that the business opportunities in Abu Dhabi are vast and waiting to be exploited by new market players.

With Abu Dhabi gearing up for welcoming millions of tourists and Dubai set to host the most awaited Expo 2020, no doubt setting up a hospitality or tourism business in UAE will be a profitable venture as these locations are all time tourist hot spots attracting tourists every year like bees to honey. Want to know more about how to set up your business in UAE, Contact Us and let us simplify your struggle.

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