Small Business Investments in Switzerland Are Now as Easy as Buying a Swiss Chocolate

Switzerland’s economy and government are one of the most stable ones in the world, with the country having some of the best cities with the highest standards of living.

Investing in small businesses in Switzerland was never as easy as now: Switzerland’s unique federal system of cantons allows each canton to set its own investment policies which are highly competitive and ultimately lead to nurturing the small business with various tax breaks and policies. Here’s why setting up a business in Switzerland and investing in the country is now as easy as buying a Swiss chocolate:

  • The Swiss government provides a one-stop-shop for businessmen who are interested in company formation in Switzerland
  • The government is offering tax breaks at cantonal level if a company is newly registered in Switzerland and can create 15-20 new jobs
  • Investors can benefit for a 10-year period in some cantons where they are not required to pay corporate tax (8.5%)
  • The country has outstanding talent and is filled with highly educated professionals

Investing in Switzerland has a lot of advantages but one must conduct a proper research before investing in it. Of the various opportunities available to invest in a small business in Switzerland, here are some of the hottest and new ones:

1. Tourism

Tourism in Switzerland has always been evergreen and attracts visitors from around the world. Professional photography, car rentals, language interpreters, etc. are some of the most sought after in the tourism industry.

2. Startup Consulting

Startups in Switzerland are on the rise with various cantons and the government focusing more on the startup culture. Switzerland has witnessed thousands of startups each year with a lot of investments flowing into the country. By setting up a startup consulting service, you can help in the growth of the startup since most of the founders are very new with little or no experience.

3. Office Rental Equipment

With thousands of startups each year in Switzerland, each new startup will require office rental space as well as office equipment. In this space, you’d need to invest in computers, tables, chairs, coffee machines, water dispensers, air conditioners/heaters, etc. The requirement will always be high in this investment space with the rise in the number of startups.

Business Setup Worldwide can help you in evaluation, assistance, as well as setting up your business in Switzerland. We can guide you in each and every step along the journey to ensure your company setup in Switzerland is a sweet and delightful experience, just like Swiss chocolates. Contact us for any more information on starting your small business in Switzerland.

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