Starting Import Export Business During Company Setup in Qatar

Starting Import Export Business During Company Setup in Qatar

The import-export business in Qatar is seeing rapid growth due to the high demand for quality products domestically and worldwide. Products like automobile parts, gas turbines, and equipment for broadcasting are top performers in the importing business. Due to its rich crude oil industry, petroleum and petro-products are frequently exported from the country. Exploring this sector will be key to the success of your company formation in Qatar.

This blog will help you understand the import-export business sector in Qatar and how to set up your company here.

Why Choose Qatar Import Export Company Formation?

Irrespective of your jurisdiction of operation, you can reap various benefits of company registration in Qatar, such as -

  • Favourable taxation that helps promote businesses
  • Easy and hassle-free process of business setup
  • Complete ownership of your business
  • 100% repatriation of funds

The favourable market of Qatar and the access to the dynamic Doha import and export center also make setting up a Qatar import export business favourable. 

Steps to Setup an Import Export Business in Qatar

For registering a company in Qatar offering import-export service, the following steps must be followed -

  1. Choose the Right Jurisdiction

Depending on your business activity and goals, you can choose among the mainland or the free zones. Other factors you must consider while choosing a jurisdiction are the targeted market and the capital preferences of your business. 

  1. Choose a Legal Structure

A Qatar import export company can choose from the following structures - 

  • Branch office

A company can be set up that serves as a branch office of a parent company. This type of legal structure helps to expand the customer base of your business.

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Limited Liability Company is a type of structure where shareholders will not be held liable for losses incurred in the company. This helps to protect your assets. There is a minimum capital requirement for setting up this type of business.

  • Public Shareholding Company

In a public shareholding company, shares are held by partners belonging to the public and private sector. Public projects of import and export in collaboration with the local administration can be conducted. This ensures credibility and helps expand your business.

  • Sole Proprietorship Company (SPC)

In an SPC a single shareholder is responsible for carrying out the business of the company. There is a minimum share capital requirement for this type of structure.  

  1. Choose a Trade Name for your Business

A trade name is important to create a brand identity for your Qatar import-export company. The name must reflect your business activity. The name must also be in line with the local naming rules and conventions.

  1.  Apply for a Business Licence

After registering your trade name, you must draft a set of documents such as the Memorandum of Association (MoA) and the Articles of Association (AoA). Following this, you must obtain an import-export licence by registering with the Qatar Ministry of Economy and Commerce. A Letter of Credit (L/C) must also be obtained in order to begin your export business. Pay the fees incurred during registration. To know more about these documents and the licensing procedure, get in touch with our consultants.

  1. Apply for an Establishment Card

An Establishment Card identifies the signing authority of your company. The is responsible for issuing the Establishment Card. Register with the Ministry of Interior and obtain your establishment card.

  1. Design a Corporate Seal and Apply for the TIN

A Tax Identification Number (TIN) is mandatory for the taxation requirements in Qatar. To obtain this, register with the Public Revenue and Tax Authority. After this, you must design a corporate seal for your business.

At Business Setup Worldwide, our team of consultants will assist you in registering a company in Qatar for your import-export business. Reach out to them by booking a free consultation today!

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