Steps to Setup Business in Belize for Foreigners

Business in Belize for Foreigners

Offshore company formation has become one of the most used services by most business individuals. Since multiple offshore locations are available for offshore business, Belize is considered one among them. Belize provides a stable business environment for those who are conducting business. Due to its flexibility in conducting business, most people prefer it as a go-to business destination. 

However, if you wish to set up a company in Belize, then you have to follow this basic company setup procedure. 

Benefits of Offshore Business Setup in Belize

When you wish to set up an offshore company in Belize, the major thing to keep concentrating on is the advantages of the respective jurisdiction. When you are thorough into the benefits of opening a business in Belize, you can easily start your Belize offshore company. 

  • Flexibility in tax laws
  • Ease of company setup 
  • Quick banking assistance
  • Remote bank account opening
  • Complete protection over the details of the shareholders and the directors 

Simple Step-by-Step Guide for Offshore Business Formation in Belize

Setting up a company in Belize requires proper planning and thorough understanding. In order to get proper knowledge, you should be aware of the basic procedures required for

offshore company formation in Belize

Starting a business involves a thorough plan and organized preparation. While grasping enough knowledge, you will learn the complete flexibility in doing business in the respective jurisdiction. 

After undergoing thorough research, it's time to seek the guidance of a business setup consultancy. A consulting firm like BSW will assist individuals with adequate business information. 

While establishing a business in Belize, make sure you have enough knowledge about the company structures followed in Belize. If you are unaware of that, contact a business setup consultancy to clarify your doubts. 

After finalizing the company type, submit the necessary documents required for opening a business in Belize. In order to know the required documents, you can get in touch with Business Setup Worldwide. 

Since there are multiple offshore locations available, opening a bank account is essential for carrying out your business transactions. While opening an

offshore company with bank account, certain procedures must be followed. In order to get clear about that, seek assistance from a business consultant. 

BSW's Role in Setting up an Offshore Business

Business Setup Worldwide supports both local entrepreneurs and emerging business concepts. We have a team of professionals eager to assist you with business-related questions. You can contact us whenever you have a business query.


How long does it take to form a company in Belize?

45 working days.

How much does starting an International Business Company in Belize cost?


Does Belize tax foreigners?

Belize is a small, secure, and stable country where foreigners can settle and enjoy tax-free income from sources outside the country. Three primary sources of revenue make up Belize's indirect taxation system: trade-related taxes, sales tax, and rates.

Is accounting required for the Belize company setup?

No accounting is not required for the Belize company setup.

What is the legal system followed in Belize?

The legal system followed in Belize is Common law.

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