Steps to Setup Business in Belize for Foreigners

Steps to Setup Business in Belize for Foreigners

Belize, a developing nation located in the southernmost portion of North America, provides a variety of enterprises with the potential for enormous chances and excellent profits. Belize has several opportunities for enterprises to develop and flourish inside its borders. 

Traveling through Belize is much more comfortable thanks to the country's many lagoons and more than 450 islands of various sizes and with different topographies. As a result, opening a business in Belize may be a highly viable option for international investors.

Starting a business in Belize as a foreigner is beneficial for many reasons. 

But if you are wondering how to do that, read the blog to learn about the process of starting a business in Belize.

The Procedure for Starting a Business in Belize

These are the simple steps you need to follow if you are planning to open a business in Belize:

Do a Ground Planning

Starting a business involves a plan or organized preparation everywhere in the world. First, investors must understand corporate ethics and potential business opportunities. Next, the firm leader must know the industry expansion. Finally, they overview the sector to exchange their money for successful returns. 

Belize offers various lucrative business prospects, including factories, production, processing, and other productive establishments. Other business ventures that one can think about funding include commercial offices, warehouses, insurance companies, and banking services. Selecting the right industry for investment is essential since it affects where and how the investor wants to establish the business.

Finalize the Company Type

There are two zones in Belize that permit establishing enterprises. The zones are designed for various sectors that can be built based on the type of business. The investor must first identify the industry for their firm before selecting the appropriate land location. Free Zone and Offshore are the zones that companies can develop. Read more about the top 10 benefits of offshore company registration in Belize

Both large and small firms can use these zones. The size and nature of the company will have a significant impact on its overall market reach. Although the nation has a high population density, focusing on the local market may not be advantageous for any organization. However, the country receives a lot of visitors all year long. Therefore, serving more tourists can be a good strategy and lead to profitable outcomes.

Free Zone Companies in Belize

Building up a company in Belize's free zones can benefit individuals who can invest or set up production and manufacturing plants. Commercial and consultancy firms can also be opened in these zones. In addition, the Belize business registry can be beneficial for some people. 

Offshore Companies in Belize

Offshore locations are preferred ones for foreign investors because they don't s need to file any taxation returns. So, anyone planning to open businesses in this region prefers offshore areas. Read more about Belize offshore company formation.

Documentation and Company Registration

You must obtain all necessary work permissions before opening a business in Belize.

Formal business-related documentation is also required. These could include a variety of government requirements, such as legal documents, proofs of firm registration, and others. Again, speaking with a Belize lawyer is the most straightforward approach to learning about all governmental requirements.

Additionally, a local lawyer is more likely to be knowledgeable about the dos and don'ts in case there are any questions about the company. Completing all required procedures can range from 40 to 45 days.

You may need several prerequisites for any particular business, which are:

  • Location proof of your business
  • Company registration as a local branch
  • Work permit
  • Registering with General Sales Tax
  • Applying for Tax Identification Number
  • Trade license paperwork  

Apart from all the paperwork and government permissions, the company must be registered under the Belizean government body Belize Company Registry, Belmopan. All the new businesses need to register their name under this body and get their business name. The Belizean government only allows foreign companies to run after first registering. The application cost for Belize company registration is $25.

Obtain the Trade License

Government agencies are included in this stage, which is the last step. After completing all the documentation and registration procedures, the business needs a trade license. The industry must apply for a trade license from any town or city government. The annual rental value of the company determines the cost of the trade license. Finally, the companies have 30 days in which to settle the invoices.

The company must also register with the Belizean government's Income Tax Department and pay the necessary taxes. The corporation only pays taxes in Belize if its revenue exceeds BZD 75,000 per year. Other enterprises must register with the General Sales Tax Department for taxable activities.


Therefore, these requirements must be met by any foreign corporation that wants to establish a presence in the area. In addition, firms may need to adapt to the workplace culture and business ethics. Nevertheless, one can flourish their business if one takes the proper steps. Business funding can also be a significant concern.

We at Business Setup Worldwide support local entrepreneurs and emerging business concepts. We have a team of professionals eager to assist you with business-related questions. You can contact us whenever you have a business question.


How long does it take to form a company in Belize?

45 working days.

How much does starting an International Business Company in Belize cost?


Does Belize tax foreigners?

Belize is a small, secure, and stable country where foreigners can settle and enjoy tax-free income from sources outside the country. Three primary sources of revenue make up Belize's indirect taxation system: trade-related taxes, sales tax, and rates.

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