SuperAgent: 1st AI-driven MENA Real Estate Agent

Property Finder, the top prop-tech business in the area, has introduced "SuperAgent," the first artificial intelligence (AI)-driven rating system for the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), which is supported by an internal data platform called Agent Data Assistant (ADA).

The new system, introduced in the latter part of last year (2021), uses millions of data points to assist buyers in locating the most receptive brokers. As a result, they have current and verified knowledge about homes and neighbourhoods.

ADA tracks quality trends to identify top performers as SuperAgent by fusing agent response, property listing quality, and agent reports.

If an agent satisfies Property Finder's excellent standards and offers customers top-notch services, they are designated a SuperAgent. These are only data-driven judgments to assure a real SuperAgent; selecting a super-qualified agent is an entirely automated procedure that depends on each agent's performance.

The first real estate UAE market portal to provide this improved customer experience is Property Finder. The ADA can assist in locating top-notch realtors that are dedicated to helping home buyers find their ideal properties. In addition, SuperAgent creates dependable alliances with those looking for homes.

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A recent analysis by Property Finder found that WhatsApp is the primary source of real estate leads. A response from agents is given to 36% of these leads within the first 30 minutes. However, for various reasons, 30% of inquiries go unanswered.

"This problem adversely affects housing searchers' experiences and undermines public confidence in the real estate sector, which we are tackling with ADA," de Rassenfosse added.

In 2005, Michael Lahyani launched Property Finder as a classified publication. The following year, it evolved into the first fully functional online real estate marketplace. After over a decade, the group dominates the digital real estate sector in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey (MENAT).

Plans are being made to expand the SuperAgent programme to other nations where Property Finder operates.

In what ways might ADA support SuperAgent?

ADA is a platform for internal data assistants supporting agents who rank among the best. It is an impartial algorithm designed to identify real estate professionals who are driven by the requirements of homebuyers and constantly strive to offer the highest-quality property listings and respond to those demands more quickly than other agents. 

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To ensure that real estate buyers are directed toward high-quality listings from responsive agents, ADA calculates a score for each agent based on specific criteria related to response rates, response times, listing quality, and the number of listings removed from the generated reports. This score is then used to record the best-qualified agents in the market higher in Property Finder's search ranking.

It offers a thorough analysis of the areas of development that agents should focus on in order to become recognized as SuperAgent in the industry and gain more visibility and leads.

SuperAgent will raise the bar for the AI Dubai industry, encouraging agents to provide better service to property searchers and guaranteeing that potential home purchasers have the most incredible possible experience locating high-quality properties.

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CAGR of 42.1% from 2020 to 2027.

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$15.7 trillion.

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