The Debut of Indoor Dog Gym in Abu Dhabi

 Indoor Dog Gym in Abu Dhabi

You must be aware of going to gyms for yourself to stay fit and fine.

Well, have you ever given a thought to your pet's health and fitness?

Abu Dhabi has a solution for the same.  

An Emirati pet lover opens the first dog gym in the UAE. So what are you waiting for? 

Read the blog to know more and if you wish to open one, then have a look.

The Man Behind the Idea of Gym for Dogs

An Emirati animal enthusiast founded the UAE's first gym devoted to dogs' health and fitness. Mansoor Al Hammadi, who owns three dogs, asserted that physical activity improves mood and benefits both people and animals.

Al Hammadi owns three dogs: a 10-year-old Rottweiler, a seven-year-old Siberian husky, and a young English Cocker Spaniel.

So what goes on in mind regarding the dog gym? What was his motivation?

He views his pets as instructors who have taught him how to care for them. He knew dogs required a daily exercise routine to be healthy and active. However, going for a stroll with their dogs in the country's hot weather is not recommended since the high summer heat can harm their paws. 

Al Hammadi came upon a German manual dog treadmill while browsing the internet. So he went there and negotiated an agreement with the business to bring it here.

How does the Dog Gym Work?

The gym provides all necessary equipment for the pets and is set accordingly.

The treadmills' USP is that they require manual operation. Dogs are able to run at their own speed and stop at any time. They don't harness a height-adjustable spring mechanism for their own safety. 

The gym has qualified workers to maintain the space, and the treadmills are cleaned and sanitized after every use.

They constantly prioritize safety. A dog on an electric treadmill will suffer an injury. They guarantee complete cleaning as well.

The Structure of the Dog Gym in Abu Dhabi

There are three treadmills with particular features, one of which is made for tiny dog breeds. A dog is permitted 15 minutes on the treadmill on the initial visit, and that time increases by 5 minutes each week until it reaches 30 minutes at the end of a month.

This gym provides a solution for people too busy to force their dogs to walk 3 kilometres daily. Instead, they may sit here and watch their dogs run for fifteen minutes.

Al Hammadi noted that a minute spent on the treadmill only costs one dirham.

According to Hammadi, this is not his line of business. Their pals are our pets. They improve our mood. Most of the things, such as food, snacks, toys, vitamins, etc., are ones that he personally chooses.

So if you want to open a gym, then there is Kizad free zone is a good option. 

Dog Treadmill Challenge

Al Hammadi is hosting a treadmill competition with incentives, such as cost-free grooming appointments, enticing more animal lovers to use the first dog fitness centre. The competition, which is for the most significant distance traveled and the quickest speed, finishes on August 20.

The store is busier after 4 o'clock on weekdays and less so on weekends.

Al Hammadi intends to establish a second store in Abu Dhabi before moving to Dubai and expanding throughout the GCC.

The restaurateur and entrepreneur continued that this gym could be the first in the United Arab Emirates and Asia.

Your Take

Now, this story can be yours if you are also a fitness freak.

Wondering how?

It is not that complicated.

You can also start your gym in Abu Dhabi. However, you will need a license to incorporate one.

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1. From where does one need the authorization to open a gym in Abu Dhabi?

Department of Economic Development (DED).

2. What activities are allowed in the gym according to the authority in Abu Dhabi?

For example, massages of various kinds soothe and relax the body.
Exercises or other forms of physical training for losing weight and
Tai-chi, Yoga and other such meditative sports

3. What is the age limit for opening a gym in Abu Dhabi?

21 years old.

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