Things to Consider Before Starting a Construction Company in Dubai

Construction Company in Dubai

Gone are the days when Dubai was just barren land, a desert with no vegetation nor any aesthetic value. Today, Dubai is home to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Dubai, in its recent years, has seen a boom in the infrastructure sector with buildings after buildings and an increase in the number of skyscrapers. Dubai is a sight for sore eyes because of its immense beauty, and after dusk,  it becomes a city of lights. The construction field has been doing well in Dubai for many years, and it only seems to increase now.

With the introduction of new areas known as free zones,  Dubai is developing into a Multi-Field city by assigning different sectors into different regions.  This, in turn, has increased competition as well as investment and has attracted a lot of foreign investors into Dubai. The Government of Dubai is also playing an active role in supporting the said investors in their ventures. With Free-Zone's offering full ownership with regard to any business, those looking to start a construction company in Dubai have a cut in costs and have more reasons now to start the business, and government authorities have provided hassle-free procedures avoid any delay.

There are few things to be considered before starting a construction company in Dubai

Permits and Licenses    

Before starting any industry based business in Dubai, it is always necessary to obtain the necessary permissions and licenses. Any activity done without a license is illegal and can result in a penalty. The Department of Economic Development is the apex authority for licenses in Dubai Mainland. However, the free zone authority is the authority in charge of issuing licenses at free zones.

Location of the Headquarters

A building is as secure as its foundation.  An office is as strong as its base, therefore establishing a base in a prime area is what will distinguish a company from another. This location must be convenient and well connected to the various places in Dubai. It should serve a practical purpose. But it should also not take away a considerable chunk of revenue as well, therefore choosing the right location plays a key role in the foundation of a base for a company. The company office has to be well furnished and stylish to create a good impression when clients are invited to a meeting. It should have all the facilities as well as recreational facilities to create a friendly environment for the staff.

Safety and Health Requirements

The Field of construction is something that requires a high standard of safety and health. Construction companies in Dubai as well as all over the world face issues because of the various accidents that occur in many construction sites due to negligence and inadequate safeguards. It is very important to understand the geographical background of the site and sufficient research has to be done before any construction takes place. Environmental safeguards also have to be followed without which there might be a disturbance which may be unintentional. Some basic protection includes helmets, goggles and vests. The working conditions and hours also have to be in accordance with the health laws and guidelines given by the Dubai Authorities. All these steps taken will ensure there is no immediate closure  of the construction company due to unforeseen circumstances.


Before taking any contracts, there is a plethora of equipment that is required for different purposes. The importance of good quality equipment cannot be stressed upon. The equipment range from wheelbarrow, pulley, excavation equipment all the way to cement mixers, lifts, trolley, barrels. Any defect or mishap with any of this equipment can cause a substantial financial blow to any company with respect to compensation or wastage of material. It is, therefore important to research and buy the best equipment available for safety and quality purposes. Construction companies in Dubai use high-end instruments as the quality of construction is top notch and the competition is very high.


In the construction field, accidents are not uncommon. It is therefore very important for any construction company to have taken insurance covers for all accidents as well as employees. All employees also must be insured or else a company’s funds will be extinguished for covering compensation charges.


It is important to get training for all the labourers. These labourers will be handling all the equipment that might require adequate training before use.  It is therefore essential that no one spoils or causes a mishap by mishandling the equipment. Well trained staff will provide a fruitful business with fewer accidents to worry about. There is a lot of hard labour available in   for the construction business.


It is imperative to have a network of labourers or any partnership with workforce resource companies. Many Projects have deadlines, and these can only be completed with adequate people on the job at the same time. There might be strikes or holidays wherein the daily workers aren't available. It is therefore essential to seek help from Labour organisations and Manpower providers to avoid delay. Construction Firms in Dubai have strict deadlines and have to mandatorily adhere to them.

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