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Tips to Attract More Customers to an Online Service Website

It is heartbreaking to watch a decrease in sales on your ecommerce site when the present generation relies more on online service and products. There's got to be something wrong thereof which is why you have probably not been able to generate leads and attract substantial audience. The last baseline of every business is to have the generation of revenue and retain customers.

The following points will showcase a few tips on how can you make your e-store better for attracting customers.

Does your website have a starting problem?

Does your website start with a ‘grrrrrrrrr’?  One of the best ways of attracting customers to your service webpage is to utilize a headline that has the famous keyword. You may use the Google (or any other search engine) keyword tool to get most used keywords. Secondly, your website must work at lightning speed. This day a customer can hardly wait for more than a second for a site to open its pages. Withal, make it fast as possible.

Ask yourself, Is Your Website Responsive?

It is essential that your e-store webpage should be responsive. Make sure while designing the website that specific features must be kept in mind. Firstly, not everybody is going to shop sitting on a laptop. People mostly shop on their mobile phones or tabs as they are handy and easy to access. Thus, the website must be mobile-compatible.

Does your website have the X factor?

This era is all about how you fancy your stuff. If sushi is not presented well on the plate, no matter how scrumptious it may, it fails to create an impression. The same goes for your website. Check for the X factor that your online website must have. What is that element that makes you distinct from your competitors? Keep it simple, keep it natural. Audience likes it that way.

Are you on social media?

If you haven't started using social media as one of the elements of digital marketing, you may perhaps be missing out on a lot of things. Understand that today everyone is one social media. Tap your audience there itself. Use content marketing to attract customers to your brand. For instance, if you are into the online recharge business, give content related to it – 5 ideas on getting online recharge secured. This way, customers will love to read. This is called lead nurturing technique. You build trust among the audience first with your content and then pull their attention to your website.

Similarly, use infographics, and not-more-than-12-second videos on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram to engage your audience. Write blogs on the essential components of your website. Slowly inculcate the habit of reading into your audience and then divert them to your site.

How can you treat your customers well?

Customer is still the king of the market. If you cannot treat him/her well, one is ready to ruin you. If you haven't given the service a client has been looking for, you are definitely in for some trouble. The tip to control this is, being prompt in providing services and answers. For instance, if there have been incidents where you have not been able to deliver your service on time, apologize. Let them know the reason and take them into confidence. There is no harm in apologizing; the aggrieved party, on the other hand, accepts it with gratitude. Besides, you never know, while reviewing your services, the same incident can be put forth showing your warmth to customers. Such reviews help build positivity about your website, and the audience who read about your brand would like to come for they know there is a human touch to it.

Have you tried email marketing?

Email marketing works wonders if you have tapped the right audience. Drafting a personalized mail makes it conducive for the customer to open the mail. Direct navigation on the service display can make you bring the customer to your website.

Closing Thoughts

With the right tools, you can tap your audience by their topography, demography, likes and visits through Facebook insights, and more. Once you know where the nerve of the audience lies, there is no looking back.