Tips for Generating New Real Estate Business

Real estate business is an intermediary that participates in the sale, purchase and rental of apartments, houses and other residential and non-residential objects. It belongs to one of the most promising sectors of modern business. The establishment of such an enterprise requires a considerable amount of time and money.

The main income of such a company is received with the successful conduct of real estate transactions. In addition to the activities of an intermediary, real estate businesses also provide additional services to clients like the registration of housing privatization and collection of documents for carrying out any operations. So, how to start a new real estate business from scratch? Let’s have a look at a few tips…

1. Business Planning

A business plan is an intermediate action. This is perhaps the most important thing in planning. Starting any company, you should understand what you are going to and see the approximate results of this plan. So, you need to have an idea of what revenue the agency will receive by the end of the year, what the margin will be, what will be the sales volumes in a year or two or three. The more specific the goals, the better you will understand how to implement them.

2. Registration of the Company

Real estate agencies are engaged in real estate transactions like buying, selling, renting and legal support. It is subject to certification in terms of brokerage services. To open a real estate agency as a business, you do not have to draw up a lot of documents. So, all you need is apply for registration, put the company on the account, get an insurance certificate, pay the state fee, and more. As for the legal form, it is better to open an LLC. If you do not have start-up capital and want to take a loan, you need a business plan for a real estate agency, proof of solvency and a corresponding pledge. Thus, in addition to registration as an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity, you will need to undergo certification.

3. Stay Updated with Information

It is worth remembering that in the real estate business, the relevance of information is of paramount importance. The specificity of the modern market is such that it often changes dramatically and you have to flexibly adjust your business. Therefore, changes in the business plan are inevitable all the way to build a new company. This means that you must monitor all changes in the real estate market, quickly look for profitable objects and enter into transactions with them. In order for customers to be aware of your latest offers, create a website that will be constantly updated, as well as advertisements in the local press.

4. Selection of Office Space

To conduct business, it is advisable to choose an office in the central part of the city or in the area where the activity will be carried out directly. The most optimal solution is an office on the ground floor with a separate entrance on the red line. The second option is an office in a large business centre. An office may consist of several separate rooms. The first room is the customer waiting room and reception, the second is the place where real estate agents are located. Separately, there should be organized the office of the head, which may be combined with the place for the paperwork.

5. Experienced Staff Recruitment

When recruiting employees for work, pay special attention to their practical experience. This is especially true of the real estate sales department. In order for the business to develop harmoniously, constantly improve the qualifications of employees. To do this, periodically send them to special courses and seminars. The most important qualities for a realtor:

  • Sociability
  • Ability to communicate with customers
  • Goodwill

At the stage of formation, it is not necessary to recruit a large number of employees. To form a database of real estate offers. Remember that it is the staff that creates the reputation of your business, so take your choice seriously and responsibly. The staff will include the head of the agency, secretary or assistant manager, real estate agents, a lawyer.

6. Advertising the Business

The real estate market is constantly changing. If you do not keep track of all these changes, you can quickly go bankrupt and lose your business. To make the company recognizable, you should contact experienced advertisers. Consult with professionals so that it attracts the attention of customers. For their advertising should use fashion glossy magazines. In such publications place the necessary information, as well as several large photos of the object. Many businessmen use booklets, flyers, and stretch marks on the windows of apartments for sale to promote them.

In Summary

Real estate agency is quite a profitable business. The services of such businesses are quite in demand in any city and region. Therefore, with high work activity and competent organization of affairs, you will be able to quickly return the initial investment, after which you will receive a net stable high income.


1. What are the most popular real estate specialties?

Green or eco-friendly properties.
Investment properties.
Foreign investment
Commercial properties

2. Which real estate market is the most lucrative?

Commercial real estate agent.

3. What is the sale in real estate market in the UAE?

Dhs18.2bn in April 2022.

4. What is the expected growth rate in real estate business?

With approximately 660,000 people owning $30 million or more in net assets per person by 2025, the number of ultra high-net-worth individuals (UHNWIs) is expected to rise by 27%.

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