Top 7 Benefits of Offshore Company Registration in Singapore

Offshore Company Registration in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most reputable and popular offshore jurisdictions in the world. The country has been recognized as one of the best countries to do business. But what are the reasons behind it?

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Top Benefits of Offshore Company Registration in Singapore

There are advantages one gets from setting up an offshore company in Singapore. The benefits are as follows:

  • Easy Incorporation Process

It might take a long time for some jurisdictions to start any business. However, that is not the case for Singapore. It only takes three to four working days in Singapore to start a new business. The incorporation process is simple and straightforward. You have to contact any business consultancy and need to submit all the relevant documents to them, and your job is done. This simplest process attracts many investors to start Singapore offshore company. 

  • Lower tax Regime

When it comes to offshore company formation, the tax regime stays an important concern for business owners. Singapore is advantageous because the country has a lower tax rate, be it corporate or personal tax. Find out more about taxation in Singapore. The tax system in Singapore is very territorial, which means you have to pay tax if your company is on the country's borderline to register company in Singapore. Otherwise, Singapore has a 7% services tax on goods and services. 

  • Liberal Foreign Ownership

Singapore follows liberal foreign ownership when it comes to business incorporation. The country's government has a very business-friendly regulation for business setup. Singapore does not require any sort of approval from regional authorities to start any business. You can enjoy 100% foreign ownership of your business. On top of that, there are no restrictions on foreign ownership for business purposes.  

  • Wide Choice of Banking Facilities

Singapore is considered one of the leading banking and financial centers in the world. The country has a variety of banks, fintech systems, multi-currency accounts, and foreign exchange services. A physical presence is not necessary for some of the banks, whereas some banks prefer to have a physical presence to start any business or open a bank account. Learn more about offshore bank account in Singapore.

  • Strong Political Stability

Politics can strongly affect the business scenario of a country. This applies to Singapore also. The country is politically stable, which promotes business operations to run smoothly. The confidentiality and privacy policies are so high in the country that it automatically promotes a stable business environment.  

  • Reputable Image

Singapore has a preferable image when it comes to offshore company formation. The country is simply advanced and filled with several business facilities which are advantageous for company formation. This image enhances the scope of business setup and attracts foreign investors for setting up an offshore company in Singapore.

  • Ample Opportunity for Start-ups

Singapore is considered one of the top most places to start any business. The country has a very professional business environment and business-friendly rules and regulations. 

How Can We Help?

Are you ready to open an offshore company in Singapore? We at Business setup worldwide provide business setup solutions for starting an offshore company in Singapore. If you need assistance regarding offshore company formation, contact us! We'd be happy to assist you.


How many days does it take to incorporate an offshore company in Singapore?

2-3 working days.

Do offshore businesses pay taxes in Singapore?

If a Singapore offshore firm opens a corporate bank account there, any income transferred to that account is subsequently subject to a 17% average tax in Singapore.

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