Top 7 Business Opportunities in Qatar

Qatar, situated near Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world. Almost all Qataris enjoy a high standard of living. And the countries openness to global commerce enhances the possibilities of becoming a leading financial and business hub globally. So who wouldn’t want to invest in Qatar? But the question is where to invest? Should one invest in a small start-up or in an already established company? And since Qatar has a lot of business opportunities for an entrepreneur, why not start your business in Qatar?

Moreover, the business environment in Qatar is very favorable, conductive and welcoming to the foreigners. The government does not charge any sort of income tax to the businessman. And according to Forbes, Qatar is escalating its private sector greatly. Since there are many small business opportunities in Qatar for a businessman, we are easing down your search to some of the businesses which are doing well in Qatar and which have greater potential in the near future.

1. Interior Designing

As mentioned earlier, Qatar is placed with rich people; each one of them wants to spend their lives full of luxury. Undeniably, having the best interior designing of their houses, offices and other workplaces is a must. So, this industry is continuously flourishing in the country. It can be a perfect business for the aspirants having a particular interest in art, creativity, decoration, and designing. If you have a degree in this field, then it is an added advantage.

2. Fitness Centre

In Qatar, fitness is gaining a lot of popularity and this is the ideal time to open a fitness centre, preferably in Doha. Qataris are workaholics and to relive their stress they need to have a counter option.  So, lots of people prefer to spend some time in fitness centers to exercise and stay fit. It is mostly a source of relief for them from the daily life depressions.

3. Restaurant Business

Expatriates make up for the large fraction of the workforce in Qatar. And they sometimes miss having the delicacies that are easily available in their home country. You can come to their rescue by starting a restaurant business. You can start a restaurant that sells only American or Chinese foods or offers a wide range of outlandish cuisines.

4. Maintenance Services

Technology is widespread in Qatar and then comes the need for maintenance service. It is cheaper to maintain installation and infrastructure than to replace it. There are huge opportunities in Qatar for businesses that offer maintenance services for mechanical, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing, and other facilities.

5. Delivery Business

With E-commerce business gaining its popularity in this internet era, there needs a delivery service to transport the items purchased by the customers. Delivery business is booming in the market currently as people do not want to take the effort of going out and prefer everything to be delivered at their home or office. Furthermore, it is more convenient when people can access the service online.

6. Financial Services

The GDP of Qatar is increasing at a speedy rate. It creates an enormous opportunity for starting a financial service if you are well aware of the policies and financial framework of the Qatari government. Financial services industry is lucrative. Retail banking, commercial banking, wealth management and insurance are the major segment of the industry.

7. IT-Related Business

Information Technology industry offers several business opportunities including software, networking, biometrics, mobile, digital entertainment, content delivery, mobile wallet technology, internet of things and so on. Depending on your investment capacity, you can start an IT related business in Qatar.

Starting a business in Qatar is easier as compared to most of the GCC countries. And we have chosen the above 7 businesses because they are very easy to break into if you have a proper knowledge in that area. So, chose any of them that strike your interest and research more on the market before jump-starting. And if you need any more help regarding the same contact us – we’d be happy to clear your doubts.


Can I set up a business in Qatar?

Yes, you can set up a business in Qatar.

Who issues a business license in Qatar?

The Commercial Registration and Licenses Department is responsible for issuing a business license in Qatar.

How many weeks does it take to incorporate a business in Qatar?

Qatar company incorporation takes place within eight weeks, depending on the business activity type.

Is it easy to start a business in Qatar?

Starting and launching your business in Qatar can often be seen as a long, confusing, expensive and arduous process. So, you can proceed with the help of a business consultant.

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