Top 7 New Business Opportunities in Qatar

New Business Opportunities in Qatar

Qatar, situated near Saudi Arabia is one of the richest countries in the world. Almost all Qatari citizen enjoy a high standard of living and the country's openness to global commerce enhances the possibilities of becoming a leading financial and business hub and also provides various business opportunities in Qatar. 

Because of its rapidly expanding economy and contemporary culture, Qatar is currently one of the best places in the Middle East to start a business. The government actively encourages foreign investment and promotes the expansion of multinational enterprises’ branch offices in the country.

If you are an investor or entrepreneur contemplating starting a business in Qatar but are unsure which one, this post can help you. Here, we will cover the following topics:

Why start a business in Qatar?

Qatar, home to over 85 nationalities, routinely ranks among the world’s top economies in competitiveness and creativity. With a dynamic economy, the nation provides several prospects for your business to grow.

Moreover, the business environment in Qatar is very favorable, conductive and welcoming to the foreigners. The government does not charge any sort of income tax to the businessman. 

And according to Forbes, Qatar is escalating its private sector greatly. Since there are many small business opportunities in Qatar for a businessman, we are easing down your search to some of the businesses which are doing well in Qatar and which have greater potential in the near future making business setup in Qatar a favourable option.

There are various options available to international companies and investors looking to establish a presence in Qatar. Numerous free zones exist, including the Qatar Free Zone, the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP), Qatar Media City, and Qatar Financial Center, that provide many advantages to investors.

Benefits of business setup in Qatar

There are many reasons why qatar is a great place to start business. Here are few

  • Zero percent corporate and personal income taxes
  • Foreign ownership at 100% with complete capital repatriation
  • Options for creating a branch or an LLC
  • Duty-free imports
  • Visas for residency

Top Seven Businesses to Start in Qatar

Qatar is a fantastic place for doing business. The rewards are high if you choose the right type of business to open. To help you, here are the top seven best business ideas to start in Qatar.

  • Recruitment company

People from all around the globe constantly seek employment opportunities in Qatar. Many get employment due to family or friends who have already established themselves in the country. However, most fail due to a lack of network connections or awareness of job openings. There is an increasing need for recruitment agencies and their services to help the hiring managers to find and recruit the best employees that match the company’s needs and requirements.

  • Car wash company

Another simple to set up yet highly rewarding business idea in Qatar is a car wash. Qatar is a tiny nation, yet it has a high number of automobiles compared to other countries. Nearly everyone in Qatar has at least one vehicle, but not everyone has the time, mainly owing to their hectic lifestyles, to do a self-car wash. While offering car wash services at a fixed site is not a terrible choice, on-demand services have revitalized the Qatari car wash sector in recent years.

As a result, starting a mobile car wash company in Qatar is quite profitable. Operating a mobile car wash company is an excellent method to earn money without putting much cash at risk. Additionally, the company removes the need for a retail site. It is simple to get started without prior experience, and it is recession-proof.

  • Café or restaurant

A significant portion of the workforce in Qatar consists of expatriates. And like all expatriates, they often miss their country’s cuisine. Additionally, most residents in Qatar often dine out because of the hectic pace of daily life, making it challenging to find the time to prepare meals at home. While it is a capital-intensive business, consider opening a cafe or restaurant as it is a very profitable business to run.

  • Real estate agency

Qatar’s resident population is rapidly growing. Due to this, there is a lack of available housing in the capital, Doha. This scarcity has seen the annual rent for the apartment and villa markets in the city increase between five to ten per cent each year.

The government has taken several tips for generating new real estate businesses and also to help control rental increases. There has been a rise in the number of new homes coming on the market to meet this demand. As other projects are near completion and become available during the year, this couldn’t be a better time for you to get into the real estate industry.

  • Car rental business

Most international and local visitors prefer to rent a car rather than use public transportation to get around the city. Considering the potential tourism boom before, during, and after the World Cup, it is a good idea to open a car rental company to assist foreign and local travelers alike in exploring numerous tourist attractions effortlessly.

While starting a business in Qatar appears lucrative, setting it up requires qualified and expert professionals to handle all government-related work. With the assistance of a business formation specialist like Creative Zone, starting your business can be quick, simple, and economical.

  • Interior Designing

As mentioned earlier, Qatar is placed with rich people; each one of them wants to spend their lives full of luxury. Undeniably, having the best interior designing of their houses, offices and other workplaces is a must. So, this industry is continuously flourishing in the country. It can be a perfect business for the aspirants having a particular interest in art, creativity, decoration, and designing. If you have a degree in this field, then it is an added advantage.

  • Fitness Centre

In Qatar, fitness is gaining a lot of popularity and this is the ideal time to open a fitness centre, preferably in Doha. Qataris are workaholics and to relieve their stress they need to have a counter option.  So, lots of people prefer to spend some time in fitness centers to exercise and stay fit. It is mostly a source of relief for them from the daily life depression.

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Can I set up a business in Qatar?

Yes, you can set up a business in Qatar.

Who issues a business license in Qatar?

The Commercial Registration and Licenses Department is responsible for issuing a business license in Qatar.

How many weeks does it take to incorporate a business in Qatar?

Qatar company incorporation takes place within eight weeks, depending on the business activity type.

Is it easy to start a business in Qatar?

Starting and launching your business in Qatar can often be seen as a long, confusing, expensive and arduous process. So, you can proceed with the help of a business consultant.

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