Top Uses for a Seychelles IBC

uses for a Seychelles IBC

Entrepreneurs and business owners are rushing to the island country of Seychelles for company incorporation because of the various advantages available for setting up a company. An International Business Company (IBC) is one of the most popular company structures for company formation. It is a versatile and tax-efficient option for an entrepreneur. 

In this blog, we will discuss the uses of a Seychelles IBC formation.

The Usages of a Seychelles IBC Registration

The following are the uses for an International Business Company (IBC) :

A Seychelles IBC formation will assist trading between a distributor and a manufacturer. In this business scenario, products are produced in one place and sold in another. An offshore IBC will help in gaining profits from the purchase and sale of goods, which can further be used for reinvestment and development.      

A professional can obtain a fixed salary from the offshore IBC and the rest of the income in the name of the IBC in a tax-free environment. If any liabilities arise in the contract, the company, not the individual, will be responsible for them.   

A Seychelles IBC can be used to accumulate returns in an offshore jurisdiction. A private investment company comes with additional confidentiality and tax benefits on investment returns. The advantage of using an offshore IBC is that you enjoy zero taxation. However, if you invest in a high-taxable country, you have to pay withholding or capital gains tax. 

With the help of a Seychelles IBC, you can eliminate direct and indirect taxes on shipping services. These companies own ships, and all profits from shipping activities are exempt in this jurisdiction. Naming any ship, yacht or aircraft under the offshore company will be cheaper and tax-efficient. 

An offshore holding company is used to hold the shares of subsidiaries located in the high-tax countries. Capital gains tax is not levied on a Seychelles IBC  and can be used to hold assets such as property. With this selling an offshore property can be an easy task as you just need to sell the shares in the underlying holding company. Such holding companies can also provide protection against inheritance tax.

You can buy an offshore company to protect the rights to use any intellectual property, such as copyright, patent, or trademark, to exploit IP rights in different countries. This requires pre-planning to circumvent withholding taxes on royalty payments. An offshore business is mostly used by Internet businesses to hold domain names and operate websites. 

These are the usages of a Seychelles IBC from which you can get various benefits. Registration of International Business Companies (IBC) in Seychelles is a beneficial move for your business expansion. But to start an international business, you need proper guidance. 

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How long does it take to open a Seychelles IBC?

It takes 2-3 working days to open a Seychelles IBC.

Which is the governing authority to conduct Seychelles offshore service industry?

The Seychelles International Business Authority (SIBA).

Can I open a corporate bank account without having a company in Seychelles?

Yes, a corporate bank account for a company incorporated outside Seychelles can be opened.

Do I have to fulfil any compliance requirements for a Seychelles IBC?

Yes, Seychelles companies need to meet compliance requirements, such as filing annual returns, submitting tax returns, maintaining financial records properly, and many more.

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