Trademark Renewal and Cancellation in RAK

Trademark Renewal in RAK

Trademark renewal is an important aspect when it comes to protecting the company. If you have any business in Ras-Al-Khaimah (RAK), then trademark registration is necessary. Trademark is considered one of the most important assets for Ras Al Khaimah offshore company formation. Trademark protects your company from any unauthorized usage of your business symbol, logo, or brand name. 

Therefore if you have any business in RAK, it must be renewed after a certain point of time. Read the blog to find out more about trademark renewal in RAK. 


Trademark Renewal Process in RAK

According to UAE law, if you register a trademark anywhere in the country, it will get registered for seven emirates automatically. You must register your trademark before you go for trademark renewal in RAK. 

You must contact the Ministry of Economy for any sort of trademark-related issues since it is the governing authority in the UAE. However, you must renew the trademark in the Ministry of Economy. The trademark cancellation and renewal come under the legal act of the UAE. Trademark registration and renewal will protect your business in the emirate. Check out the trademark renewal process now for RAK offshore company setup:

  • You can either do the trademark renewal all by yourself, or you can hire a business expert who will do it for you. 
  • You have to upload scanned copies of all the documents on the official website. 
  • Once you submit all the required documents, you have to pay the fees, and the applicant will publish the whole content in the newspaper. 
  • After this you have to upload the local publication and apply for the renewal certificate. 
  • Once you receive the trademark renewal certificate, then you can publish the trademark on your business website or bulletin. 

Documents Required for Trademark Renewal in RAK

The documents necessary for trademark renewal are a trade license and power of attorney. You have to submit the scanned copy of these documents to the government portal or to the business consultancies if you contact any. 

How Can We Help?

If you decide to do trademark renewal by contacting any consultancy, then Business Setup Worldwide is here to assist you in the process. We have business experts who can guide you throughout the process. Contact us for more information, and we’d be happy to help regarding the trademark ownership change or trademark-related any queries. 


What is the price of renewing a trademark in the United Arab Emirates?

The UAE Ministry of Economy has significantly decreased the cost of supporting brand owners. The official renewal charge, formerly AED 8700 for brand owners to pay, has been reduced to AED 6500.

What is the UAE's Renewed Trademark Validity?

In the UAE, a trademark renewal is valid for an additional 10 years beginning on the day the prior trademark's protection period expires.

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