Transfer of Ownership of an Onshore to an Offshore Company

Onshore to an Offshore Company

While consolidating a business, it is necessary to consider where you would like to register that Company. Various companies vary by the way they work, depending upon their general business objectives and the items and administrations they sell. For instance, an offshore company will fluctuate from the onshore companies on how they function as their operational needs are unique.

So first of all, we will be learning about the What's of these two structures, respectively.

What is an Onshore Company?

Onshore Company is an element operated in the nation of origin with the sole reason for completing a project with specific jurisdiction.

You decide to avail of services from a company situated in your nation. For this situation, you may need to spend more as far as work cost is considered. However, the advantage is you have to coordinate with the local employees.

This implies that you don't have to deal with any cultural differences or language barriers.

According to McKinsey & co. and the Sourcing Journal, a stage change in onshoring, will quicken the market in the upcoming years.

The variables that will drive development are advancement in sustainability concerns and automation.

Onshoring makes more economic sense with modern technology as automation helps in enhancing productivity.

What is an Offshore Company?

First of all, we would be defining the term Offshore. Offshore implies being located or situated beyond one's national limits.

The term Offshore Company has two definitions relying upon its point of view. From the stance of the principals of the Company, it is a company that one has recorded outside of the nation where its principals reside. The principals incorporate officials, executives, investors, partners, and members. From within its nation of development, it is a company that has been framed to work outside of the jurisdiction where it was initially filed.

For what reason would one set up an offshore company? It is often to benefits the laws that are not accessible in one's nation of residence. Examples of these advantages can be asset protection from lawsuits, tax savings, etc. On the other hand, one might need to make the most of foreign business opportunities.

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Differences Between an Onshore and an Offshore Company

Unsure about the differences between the two structures? Let us take a closer look.


Onshore Company

Offshore Company


Onshore companies are enlisted in nations that don't offer particular tax choices. These companies, as a rule, dwell in nations that are more developed economically.

Offshore companies relate to those that register in specific nations that offer particular tax alternatives.


Absence of cultural and language barriers, reduced skilled labor cost, secure outsourcing, etc.

Adapt to different working environments, flexible, access to skilled labor, high-cost saving, etc.

Business Operation

Onshore companies typically lead a sizeable measure of their business in the nation where they are enlisted.

Offshore companies can't lead a business in the jurisdiction in which it is enlisted.


Onshore companies are given less security, which leaves them increasingly subject to state control.

Offshore companies and their owners are given complete security. The company data isn't given outside.

Tax Rate



Office Space

Office space is required, and living arrangement visas are conceivable, relying upon the size of the workplace/work premises.

There is certainly no requirement for an office space to be leased, and in this manner, it doesn't take into account the issuance of living arrangement visas.




How to Transfer Ownership of an Onshore to an Offshore Company?

Some clients frequently ask if they can transfer ownership of their Onshore Company to an Offshore Company.

The answer is they can, but, as ever, they'll need to be sure that they dot their I's and cross their Ts!

To lawfully implement a change in ownership of an Onshore Company to an Offshore Company, you have to effect a Share Transfer.

To accomplish this, all you ought to require is a stock transfer form to be marked by the current holder/s of the shares and saved at the Company's Registered Office (or at the Company Registrar's Office, i.e., if the Company you are transferring ownership of is incorporated in a nation which has an open register of shareholders).

To limit the chances of the legitimateness of the transfer of ownership ever being addressed:

  1. You ought to guarantee that the Onshore Company and International Business Company(IBC) both sign an agreement (i.e., a sale and purchase understanding).
  2. When the agreement is signed, a Share Transfer (i.e., a report which impacts legitimate transfer of ownership) should be marked as a rule by the two players and lodged with the applicable authority/Registrar.
  3. The deal should be believed to be on commercial terms (for example, would some way or another exist between a purchaser and vendor "at a careful distance"). That said, the deal agreement could be an installment or vendor finance contract, i.e., where a store is paid, and ownership is transferred, however, the vender holds a home loan until all the installments have been paid.
  4. The cost paid for the shares should be seen to be fair market value.

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How would you determine, or purchase at, fair market value? In an ideal world by either:

  1. Advertising the shares, available to be purchased openly and matching the cost of the highest bidder; or
  2. Have a Licensed Valuer or a Certifier Practicing Accountant audit the Company's books of account and assign a value on the shares

Capital Gains tax may apply. Therefore, you should look for local legal/financial/taxation advice before resolving to transfer ownership of an onshore company to an offshore company.

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We hope this blog cleared you out on the transfer of ownership from an onshore company to an offshore company. Still, you got any doubts, then do let us know. We at Business Setup Worldwide provide business-related solutions regarding offshore companies. If you need assistance, we are always there to guide you through. Do contact us to learn more. We would be happy to assist you.

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