Travel Agency License in Dubai

As an exciting destination in the Middle East, Dubai attracts international tourists as well as locals with its ever-expanding tourism industry. More than ten million people have visited Dubai in the year 2018; most of the tourists consider Dubai as an international leisure travel destination that offers adventures, unique experiences and exclusive luxury getaways.

Tourism Industry in Dubai

With tourism as a central pillar for economic growth, the government of Dubai is directing significant funds on developing the tourism sector by creating attractive destinations, establishing modern transportation infrastructure, and deploying state-of-the-art international connectivity through the air. To achieve the goal of economic diversification and to position Dubai as the first choice for foreign tourists, the plans are set to lure more than 20 million tourists by 2020 according to the Dubai Tourism Vision 2020. The Dubai authorities are working together to ameliorate the tourism sector by extensive planning in tandem with each other.

As a result of the forward-focused approach towards the tourism industry in the Emirate of Dubai, the favourable factors created by the authorities has well-played in placing the Emirate of Dubai at the top spot for leisure and business travellers. The strategy behind the development in the tourism industry is based on achieving specific goals that shall drive the economic growth while creating employment opportunities, supportive regulatory policies, large-scale infrastructure development and tourist destination development.

Furthermore, the path towards the goal of achieving economic growth leverages the government’s policies and standards in developing supportive travel visa policies, creating necessary tourism infrastructure, and implementing a pro-tourism jurisdiction which has encouraged visitors as well as travel agents in registering the tourism-based businesses in Dubai.

What to Consider While Setting Up a Travel Agency in Dubai?

With nearly ten million-plus visitors each year, Dubai has become a preferred location for tourists due to its numerous tourist sites, laid back desert resorts, long sandy beaches, modern skyscrapers along with ancient architectural memorials and large shopping centres which offer a diverse range of products. Moreover, the number of tourists visiting Dubai is expected to increase with the Dubai Expo 2020 creating the scenario to bring Dubai to the world stage with its massive infrastructure purpose-built for attracting international businesses, investors and tourists.

When it comes to handling international tourists’ on their travel to Dubai by assisting in visas, organising sightseeing trips, and taking them to adventures in and around Dubai is a great way to make lucrative profits as a travel agent if you do it the right way. However, starting a travel agency in Dubai, it requires you to hold proper licensing and set up an agency/company registered in Dubai to start your operations.

Before starting the registration process for your company, you need to plan for operating it as a travel agency you need to form a partnership with a local sponsor which allow you to start your operations faster according to the UAE's statutory requirements. Besides, you need to acquire specific permits from the Civil Aviation Authority for airline booking authorisation and specific documentation from the Department of Economic Development (DED) that allows applying for the necessary for appropriate tourism licensing in Dubai.

Types of Travel Agency License in Dubai

  1. Inbound Tour Operator
  • Activity Code: 630412
  • License Type: Tourism

Activity Description: The holder of the inbound tour operator license authorises the firm to organise local tours, incentive tours, and business trips for foreign citizens, including conferences, events and meetings. These inbound tourist activities comprise of handling visas, transport, food and accommodation for the clients.

  1. Outbound Tour Operator
  • Activity Code: 630411
  • License Type: Tourism

Activity Description: The outbound tourism license allows you to send tourists from UAE to destinations worldwide in partnership with other travel agents or tourism companies.

  1. Travel Agent
  • Activity Code: 630411
  • License Type: Tourism

Activity Description: Travel agency licensing allows a travel agency in UAE to sell airline tickets to individuals acting as an authorised agent on behalf of the traveller. With a travel agency tourism license the firm can undertake airline seat reservations, issuing tickets in coordination with the tour operator, along with this the licensee can carry out car rental services, and hotel booking on behalf of the clients.

Starting your Operations as a Travel Agency in Dubai

By blending in the tourist visa processes, preparing the travel itinerary, selecting the best hotels, arranging accommodation and setting up transport to travel from place to place the travel agency can offer comprehensive travel package to international tourists, business travellers and families visiting Dubai and other parts of UAE.

By setting up a travel agency and acquiring tourism licensing, you can run a profitable business by offering comprehensive tour and travel-related services to international tourists. Also, the international tourist influx is expected to increase in Dubai in the upcoming years due to the robust marketing strategies followed by Dubai’s Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

Even though the process of starting a business is easy and getting a license for tourism business is feasible in Dubai. Before taking the license, you should understand that the government is rigorous in enforcing the requirements while issuing a license. These include getting a handful of permits from respective governmental authorities, agencies and completing other legal obligations as a foreigner in the UAE.

Moreover, the process of getting a tourism license is overwhelming for a new operator even though experienced in operating a tourism business in other parts of the world. As a new operator in UAE, it is suggested to take the support of a professional who has knowledge of the procedures. Contact us, and we can assist you in registering the firm in UAE while guiding you through the other crucial steps like obtaining licenses until you have started your operations as a travel operator in Dubai.

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