Visa Services in the Philippines

The Philippines is one of the most emerging business markets in the world. The country is open to all kinds of investment and business opportunities. Since it is surrounded by water and situated in the Southeast region of the Asian continent, the Philippines is home to some of the best industries in the present time. It has a vast number of opportunities, and it attracts millions of visitors every year with many expectations which are fulfilled with promising results.

Visa is a service provided by every country in the world for an individual who wants to visit any region other than his/her homeland. In the Philippines, that individual will be provided with visa services regardless the nationality, religion, language and other factors. There are many procedures, and process one has to go through before obtaining a visa in the Philippines.

Before entering the country as a foreigner, one has to be granted a visa from the Republic of the Philippines. There are some policies regarding visa services in the country which are governed by the Commonwealth Act or Philippines Immigration. If a citizen who wants to obtain a visa from the Philippines, these are the types of visa services in the Philippines.

Tourist Visa

A tourist visa is granted for an individual who wants to visit the country with the purpose of business or as a tourist this could be a family trip. Unlike an immigrant visa, this is the kind of visa issued to a foreigner who is from a different nationality for a limited duration as a temporary stay. While some of the foreign nationals are required to obtain the entry visa to visit the country, the unrestricted foreign nationals can visit the Philippines without an entry visa.

Before getting a tourist visa in the Philippines, you need to fulfil the following requirements;

  • A fully completed visa application form
  • Passport size photos (taken within the last 6 months) which are signed on the front of the photograph by the applicant.
  • Bona Fide status Proof stating that you are a businessman or tourist.
  • Most recent printout copies of your bank account statement, real estate property ownership, credit and debit card statement as the proof of financial capability; sealed and signed by Bank authority.
  • Your passport with remaining validity of 6 months beyond your duration of stay in the Philippines (both original and copies)
  • A copy of the Applicant’s flight itinerary with complete details of the round trip from their country to the next destination in the Philippines.

Work Visa

If you are a person who happens to be a foreign national with an employment opportunity in the Philippines, you must be granted with the work visa before you start your work as a resident in the country. More importantly, you should obtain the visa before start working in the Philippines. The work visa in the Philippines gives you a way to be a full-time occupant in the country for the required duration of your stay as the resident.

If you are applying for a work visa in the Philippines, you need to go through the process by fulfilling these requirements.

  • A thoroughly completed visa application form.
  • 2 copies of your recent photograph. (not older than 6 months)
  • Your passport both original and photocopy
  • Appointment letters and proof of academics and educational certificates
  • Copy of credit cards and transaction details attached with it
  • Cover letter written with the company letterhead with a seal, address and signature of the authority with details of destinations of arrival and departure, designation, a company profile, in brief, trip expenses
  • Proof of documents for your recent 3 years of income tax payment
  • Bank account statement of the recent 6 months mentioned with the applicant's name and signature along with the seal of bank authority

Quota Visa

If you are a citizen of one of the countries which have diplomatic relations with the Philippines and applied for a visa, you can obtain the quota immigration visa which is granted by the Bureau of Immigration. Under the principles and terms of reciprocity, you can enjoy the same privileges of immigration as your country. The credibility of the applicant will be approved and recognized by the Commissioner of the Bureau of immigration on the basis of the applicant’s dependence towards the relation of the natural resident of the Philippines which includes a spouse or minor children.

If you are an applicant for the quota immigration visa in the Philippines, you need to go through the process by fulfilling these requirements.

  • Visa application which is approved. (form No. 3)
  • One passport sized photograph. (not older than 6 months)
  • Original passport with remaining validity of 6 months beyond your duration of stay in the Philippines
  • Proof of financial capability to bear the travel expenses
  • Pay the required fee of US$150 to obtain an Immigrant Visa in the Philippines
  • If you're applying via mail, a prepaid overnight mail is preferable for the safe return of your passport

Alien Employment Permit(AEP)

If you are a citizen of a nationality other than the Philippines and have an opportunity for employment in the Philippines, you need to acquire the AEP visa before moving to the country permanently. It would help if you were granted AEP from the department of labour and employment. This gives you the authority to engage yourself in the lawful activities of the Philippines such as employment, company formation, investment in the Philippines, running a business etc. the duration of stay provided under the AEP visa is longer than a work visa. It is valid for 1-5years of span depending on the circumstances of the contract duration and the maximum period for the renew is 5 years.

Obtaining a visa can be stressful and time-consuming. So, the experts in Business Setup Worldwide offer a wide range of services to the people who want to obtain a visa in the Philippines. We are well versed with laws and immigration policies of the country and we are here to help you with the legal requirements in a smooth manner. If you're looking for visa services in the Philippines, contact us. We would be glad to assist.

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