What Are the Differences Between Panama and Seychelles Offshore Foundation

Panama and Seychelles Offshore Foundation

An offshore foundation company is a separate legal element and is commonly confined under civil law. An offshore foundation company does not have investors or individuals. The company is termed as 'offshore' since it is the one framed outside of the founder's country of living.

To start, we ought to talk about terms identified with foundations.

The founder is the title of the person who sets up the entity. Their desires, thus, are written in a record that we call a "Contract." Most offshore foundation companies can have at least one founders. A founder can be an individual or a company.

Furthermore, the foundation committee comprises individuals who act out the purpose of the entity, as mentioned in the charter. Accordingly, they disseminate and oversee assets, consent to agreements, and make investments for the foundation's benefit. Council members have a guardian duty to act to the most significant advantage of the foundation.

Follow the guide to learn about setting up an offshore foundation company as well as opening an offshore bank account to enjoy the benefits.

We are going to talk about the difference between Panama and Seychelles offshore foundation companies in this blog. 

Panama Private Foundation

A Panama Private Foundation is unique to a typical foundation from various perspectives. Panama Law No. 25 of 1995 built up private patrimony foundations for families.

This law was intended to be an inheritance tool to secure a family's wealth for some ages. Because of this aim, a Panama Private Foundation is neither an association nor an organization or a company.

However, it is a separate lawful element unique to Panama, which doesn't take part in dynamic businesses (passive revenue is permitted). There are no corporate shares, nor corporate chiefs, and no company officials.

There are no entity proprietors, for example, investors, accomplices, individuals, or members. Its sole intention is to profit a particular group of people.

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Seychelles Foundation

A foundation company is a type of Seychelles offshore company formation. A Seychelles Foundation can be a private or family foundation. The Seychelles Foundation Act of 2009 oversees the various kinds of foundations. Foreigners can shape as well as control their foundations.

A Seychelles foundation gives a large number of advantages found in different nations like Panama, yet gives expanded rights like the capacity of the founder to allocate his/her privileges. The flexibility of types and utilizations of foundations makes Seychelles an ideal jurisdiction to shape particular foundations like charitable, private interests, family, asset assurance, and explicit purposes.

As a separate lawful entity, assets moved to the foundation turn into the exclusive property of the foundation. This frees the founder from any inferred responsibility for his/her former assets.

Likewise, the beneficiaries are not viewed as proprietors of the assets or the foundation. Furthermore, the beneficiaries don't have any lawful or useful rights to the foundation's assets or any control of the foundation.


Panama is situated in Central America, circumscribing Costa Rica, and Colombia. It is one of the few nations circumscribing the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean. Its official name is the "Republic of Panama."

The biggest and the capital city is Panama City, where practically 50% of the nation's populace lives in its metropolitan territory. Its political framework is a unitary presidential protected republic that democratically chooses a president every five years alongside its council called the National Assembly.

The Republic of Seychelles is a nation comprising of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean close to Madagascar. It picked up independence from the United Kingdom in 1976. Its political structure is depicted as a unitary presidential republic with a chosen national assembly and a president.


A Panama Private Foundation has no corporate taxes or annual taxes or some other tax. Seychelles likewise doesn't force any taxes on its foundations.

Note- US taxpayers and those from nations taxing worldwide income must uncover all revenue to their tax authorities.

Asset Insurance

A Panama Foundation gives absolute worldwide asset security. The foundation goes about as a holding company by claiming all assets shielding them from outside banks and foreign claim decisions.

Panama foundations can possess land, bank accounts, money market funds, securities, items, corporate shares, profits, protections, etc. Panama laws don't perceive foreign government seizures or court orders relating to foundation-possessed assets.

Seychelles foundations are discrete legitimate entities possessing the entirety of the assets which shield the Founder and the Beneficiaries from the assets. The founder's loan bosses can't hold onto any of the foundation's assets.

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Concerning Panama foundations, neither the Founder, Protector, or Beneficiaries are named in any open documents or registered with the government. As the leading names included for open documents are the Council people, nominees can be designated for their protection.

Concerning the Seychelles Foundation, the Foundation Charter can be marked by a nominee Founder. Additionally, the Foundation's Regulations don't need to be documented with the Registrar or any government organization.


The Panama Foundation can be framed and registered in one day.

For a Seychelles foundation, the authorized International Foundation Services Provider will record the foundation's Charter and its Regulations (as an alternative) with the Seychelles Financial Services Authority (FSA), which registers the reports and issues a declaration checking the official incorporation.

Registered office and agent

Each Panama Private Foundation must keep a registered office address and select a registered agent.

In Seychelles, the International Corporate Services Provider Act of 2003 requires the arrangement by each foundation of an authorized International Foundation Services Provider as the registered agent. Additionally, Seychelles foundations must keep a registered office address in Seychelles, which might be the location of a designated registered agent.

Annual meetings

Annual meetings are not required in the case of both foundations.


There are no necessities to keep up corporate books or accounting records for a Panama foundation. However, it is proposed that an accounting framework be utilized to monitor gatherings, costs, and salaries for the Founder and the Beneficiaries and Protector to inspect.

The Seychelles Foundation, on the other hand, must keep up globally acceptable accounting practices, account books, and records indicating the genuine financial position.

Public Records

While Panama's Public Registry records are open, no names of the Founder, Protector, or Beneficiaries are documented. The only names recorded are of the Council individuals who can be nominees for additional security.

Seychelles Foundation's charter must be documented with the Registrar which will contain the founder's name. Since this is the only report with the founder's name documented in the open records, many foundations utilize a nominee Founder's name in the charter for the protection of the first founder.

Shelf foundations

Shelf foundations are accessible for purchase to expand the registration cycle on account of the Panama Foundation.

Shelf foundations are not accessible for purchase on account of the Seychelles Foundation as they are unique. Find out more about offshore shelf companies in Seychelles


So, in this blog, you went through the differences between the Panama and Seychelles foundations. Though many features of the two coincide, subtle differences are underlying that you might want to consider while incorporating a foundation company.

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What are the reporting requirements for Panama offshore foundations?

Panama foundations generally have minimal reporting requirements, ensuring a high level of privacy. They are not subject to income tax on foreign-derived income.

Is a local registered agent required for a Panama offshore foundation?

Yes, a Panama offshore foundation is required to have a registered agent in Panama who serves as the intermediary between the foundation and the local authorities.

Can a Seychelles offshore foundation own real estate in Seychelles?

Yes, a Seychelles offshore foundation can own real estate in Seychelles, subject to compliance with local regulations and restrictions.

Can a Seychelles offshore foundation engage in commercial activities?

While Seychelles foundations are primarily established for non-commercial purposes, they can engage in certain commercial activities that are incidental to their main objectives.

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