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What are the Different Types of Offshore Trust?

Investing in an offshore jurisdiction today has turned out to be a challenging move.

Every investor wants to utilize the hard-earned income to double the profits and enjoy tax exemptions.

When it comes to investment in the offshore business, an investor has ample options to proceed ahead with. One such segment that business owners widely prefer is to invest in is the offshore trust company.

This article will cover the different types of offshore trust options that one has to proceed and invest in. However, before we move ahead, let’s have a look at what an offshore trust is.

Offshore Trust Company

In simple terms, one can define an offshore trust company as a three-way fiduciary relationship that takes place between the trust, trustee and the beneficiary.

The agreement between the two parties is known as the “Deed of Trust” agreed upon.

A trust is a legal entity that is looked upon as a tax-saving tool governed by the laws of the selected offshore jurisdiction where the owner decides to incorporate.

Today, most of the popular offshore jurisdictions allow business investors to come ahead and set up a trust unit in a hassle-free manner.

Different Types of Offshore Trust Company

Coming to the incorporation of a trust company, an investor can choose anyone from the following:

1.Revocable Trust Company

A revocable trust can be defined as a legal entity where the stated provisions can be altered at any point in time.

The settlor has got the power to re-define the stated rules, be it removing the business assets or terminating the complete trust.

Based on the changes defined, the alterations will be made in the deed.

Under normal circumstances, the property gets transferred to the beneficiaries upon the death of the settlor.

2.Irrevocable Trust Company

Another trust segment that gets defined is the irrevocable trust that the settlor can’t alter.

Once the assets have been transferred, they can’t be reversed, and the settlor can’t demand the trustee to return the assets.

Business owners prefer to set up an irrevocable trust company in a tax-haven country because it provides high-end taxation benefits.

Now, you must be wondering who opts for such an option?

Such trusts are beneficial for doctors, professionals or attorneys where the transfer of the trust ultimately benefits the beneficiaries.

3.Discretionary Trust

These are regarded as one of the most flexible types of trust in which the settlor provides a letter of wishes to the trustee highlighting the instructions regarding how to manage the legal entity incorporated.

4.Fixed Trust

The fixed trust is a legal entity wherein the settlor can’t alter the beneficiaries' income.

When it comes to the incorporation of a fixed trust, it involves two different types:

  • A fixed trust where the instructions are set as very specific
  • A fixed trust stands just like a mutual fund and can be regarded as a “fixed investment trust”.

5.Hybrid Trust

It is a blend of discretionary offshore trust and unit trust and turns out to be highly beneficial that involves both the benefits.

It holds a flexible structure and allows the company incorporation flexibility with tax planning.

Another benefit that one can derive from a hybrid trust is that it requires no audit and holds an easy entry exit for the owners.

Investing in the offshore trust is a beneficial and smart financial move that you can ever think of. An offshore trust can be worth a few pounds or even worth billions.

If you are looking forward to investing your time and money into a fruitful segment, a trust company is where you can rely upon it.

These structures also work as a perfect tool to safeguard the available assets and wealth available.

Are you wondering how to proceed ahead?

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Our advisors are well-versed with the offshore trust incorporation process and can assist you accordingly by providing tailored solutions.

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