What is a Digital Marketing License Dubai

What is a Digital Marketing License Dubai

There are 183 million internet users in the MENA region, which includes the Middle East and North Africa. As a result, advertising in newspapers and magazines, posters and hoarding boards, and other traditional methods of promoting goods, services, and brands are becoming less and less popular.

Nowadays, most businesses advertise online using tools like websites, search engines, social media, emails, and mobile apps. Therefore, there is a requirement for online marketing firms in Dubai.

All of these businesses require a digital marketing license in Dubai, which the business experts at Shura assist you in obtaining at a price you can afford.

What is the Scope for Digital Marketers?

The digital marketing agency Dubai helps brands stand out in today's super competitive market. Recently, the pandemic compelled economies all over the world to start their digitalization journeys to survive.

The UAE also experienced the accelerated transition from older forms of advertising to newer ones simultaneously, which significantly boosted suppliers of digital solutions. As a result, researchers estimate that 75% of advertising spending in MENA occurs on digital and social platforms.

These include Google (YouTube videos) and Facebook Advertising Network (Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp). Businesses, whether big corporations or small coffee shops, recognize the value of using the internet to market their brands.

However, only a few people are skilled enough to do it. Additionally, the demand for expertise in the digital sphere is relatively high, as is the level of competition.

Why get into Digital Marketing?

To comprehend the advantages of digital marketing in Dubai, one must first understand what it entails. Here are just a few instances of services offered by digital marketing agency Dubai:

  • Creating websites and mobile applications
  • Improving web search engine optimization (SEO) 
  • Managing social media
  • Utilizing digital platforms for advertising 
  • Generating leads for sales.

These initially seem attainable on a personal level as well. However, these call for various inputs, including thorough research, high-quality content, eye-catching creatives, and precise, occasionally even experimental, activations.

However, digital marketing is essential because it is one of the most competitive industries and the one with room for expansion. In addition, workplace freedom and flexibility are some advantages. However, staying current with changing internet trends would be best.

Procedure to Set up a Digital Marketing Agency Dubai?

You first need "equipment" to launch your digital marketing agency in Dubai. These include desktop or laptop computers, a top-notch internet connection, and strong research abilities. Next, you must establish a company in Dubai to legalize your business and provide services. You must take the following steps to launch your digital marketing company in Dubai.

1. Decide on a Trading Name

Have three or more potential trading names on hand. When creating these names, adhere to all naming convention rules. Additionally, avoid using words or phrases that allude to any particular religion.

Trending: Note that using a foreign trading name entails an additional fee. Investors and business owners can speak with the business experts at Shura to learn more about picking a trading name.

2. Recognize the Jurisdiction that is Ideal for your Business

Depending on your budget, consider how easily clients and employees can access your office. For example, you can work with a digital marketing firm established in Dubai's free zone or on the mainland.

A free zone business that provides inexpensive business setup services and accommodates business regulations. On the other hand, a mainland company conducts business in Dubai and throughout the UAE.

3. Finalize your Business Structure.

Having sole ownership of the business entitles you to 100 percent of it. You can get assistance from a local service agent (LSA) with setting up a digital marketing business in the UAE. The best part is that the LSA only pays to support the establishment process and has no legal ownership stake in your company.

4. Create the Necessary Documents.

You must provide copies of each partner's passport, NoCs, and any necessary official approvals to apply.

5. Obtain a Trade License

Dubai's Department of Economic Development requires professional trade licenses for online marketing firms (DED).

Obtain Digital Marketing License

To obtain a digital marketing business license in Dubai, you must submit the following documents:

  • Director and shareholder id and address proof
  • Passport copies of your directors and shareholders
  • Trade name reservation copy
  • Articles of Association (AOA)
  • Memorandum of Association (MOA)

In addition, to comply with the rules upheld by the UAE government, all legal entities require a current business license. Depending on your business requirements, you might also need external approvals from various authorities.

You are not permitted to engage in any commercial activity not authorized by your license.

Remember that your internet marketing license must be renewed yearly to keep it active. It's also advised to renew the license at least one month before it expires.

Cost of Setting up a Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai

Government fees will apply to the services you hire to launch a digital marketing agency in Dubai. Several of these services consist of:

• Documentation

• Business setup consultation

• Trade license

• Corporate service fee

• Stamp of the company

• Name approval

• Tasheel fee

• Initial approval

• LSA notary fee

For about AED 18,500 (*T & C Apply), our corporate services assist marketing agencies in Dubai with the start-up of their businesses. Nevertheless, the chosen jurisdiction may have an impact on this price. 

Our Role

In Dubai, our consultants can assist you in obtaining a digital marketing license by handling all the paperwork, translations, etc. In addition, our affordable business formation packages can meet all of your requirements!

Business Setup Worldwide's reputable company, formation experts, can easily handle these formalities. To learn more about our exclusive package, contact us.


How do I get a digital marketing license in Dubai?

Here's a curated list of documents you'll need to submit to obtain an online marketing license in the UAE:
Directors and shareholders must provide proof of identification and address.
Copies of your shareholders' and directors' passports.
A copy of the trade name reservation.
Memorandum of Association (MOA)
Articles of Association (AOA)

Is Dubai good for digital marketing?

Yes, pursuing a career in digital marketing in Dubai is a wise decision. There is no doubt about the growth and scope of digital marketing in Dubai because the UAE is the largest market for internet marketing.

Is digital marketing good in UAE?

Compared to traditional marketing, it is the most cost-effective, efficient, and direct method of reaching your target audience. In addition, it is the most effective and tested method for small businesses to reach their target audience.

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