What is an Offshore Financial Company?

 Offshore Financial Company

A company organized in a foreign country, quite often in a low-tax jurisdiction country, which handles financing services like arranging foreign loans in Eurocurrency markets or other forms of indebtedness abroad in US dollars or other hard currencies.

Basically, the offshore finance company is made to handle the financing needs of its parent or related companies. However, it is used occasionally to manage the financing requirements of its parent company's distributors or agents overseas.

An offshore financial company is a broad term believed to encapsulate an entire scope of foreign financial services and exercises. Usually, an Offshore Financial Centre (OFC) registers the offshore finance companies. An Offshore Financial Centre (OFC) is a small, low-tax jurisdiction that offers a corporate and commercial infrastructure to non-residents facilitating the use of that jurisdiction for the formation of offshore companies, offshore licensed companies, for savings in foreign bank accounts, and the speculation of offshore mutual and hedge funds.

Importance of Forming Offshore Companies

There are many varieties of reasons to form offshore companies. Not every person sets up a foreign company for the same reason. However, they all share the following core features:

  • People set them up with 'business flexibility' as a top priority.
  • They do not pay corporate tax in their home jurisdiction.
  • Corporate rules and regulations are typically less severe than in the nation where they are active.
  • It is hard to get data about them. Data in regard to the company's setup, structure, exercises, and conduct is not available to the public.

In addition to that, there are many tax-haven jurisdictions in the world that provide numerous benefits to business investors and owners.

The Reason Behind Countries Offer Offshore Companies

Many countries offer offshore companies in order to gain revenue in their jurisdiction.  

For instance, authorities such as Nevis, BVI, Belize, and the Cook Islands have their own offshore company laws. These laws make the jurisdiction attractive for foreign investors to form their companies.

How Does An Offshore Company Differ from an Onshore Company?

The fundamental distinction between onshore and offshore is that offshoring includes getting work finished in the other nation. For US companies searching for outsourcing software development, this typically implies going to countries like India, China, Eastern Europe, or Latin America. Onshore refers to offering work to an organization in the same state in which you reside.

There are other differences that one should know. More often than not, offshore companies can't work in a similar nation where they were consolidated, while onshore companies work and administer in the same jurisdiction they reside.

Leading Offshore Financial Companies

Before starting an offshore company or opting for offshore company formation, exploring the leading offshore financial companies would be an ideal choice.

  • Panama Financial Company
  • Swiss Trust Company
  • Georgia International Financial Company
  • New Zealand Financial Company

Our Role in Guiding Offshore Business Investors

Business Setup Worldwide has been assisting business investors and entrepreneurs in choosing offshore as one of their favorable business destinations. The business advisors at BSW are well-experienced in the field and help you start a company. In order to open an offshore company in your desired offshore jurisdiction, get in touch with us.


List out a few offshore jurisdictions.

A few offshore jurisdictions are
The British Virgin Islands
St Vincent and Grenadines

How many days does it take to incorporate a company in Seychelles?

Starting an offshore company in Seychelles takes around 2-3 working days.

How many shareholders are required for the BVI company setup?

The minimum number of shareholders required for BVI company setup is one.

How many directors are needed for Seychelles company formation?

The number of directors needed for Seychelles company formation is one.

Is accounting required for the Belize offshore company setup?

No, accounting is not required for the Belize offshore company setup.

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