What is the Purpose of a Nominee Director?

Purpose of a Nominee Director

It is a well-known fact that business incorporation in any of the offshore business jurisdiction is one of the best moves that any business owner can proceed ahead with to earn and enjoy high-tax benefits and higher returns on the investments made.

Apart from the tax benefits, another reason that drives the business investors to proceed ahead with offshore company incorporation is high-end-confidentiality. Since most of the offshore business owners don’t feel to reveal their secrets, the popular offshore jurisdictions of the world provide the flexibility to appoint a nominee director and shareholder on behalf of the business owners.

So, if you are planning to invest in the offshore company formation, then holding a knowledge on the nominee director and shareholder will turn out to be a beneficial move for you.

Who is a Nominee Director?

A nominee director can be easily defined as a third party that is registered as an administrator of an offshore company established in any of the tax-haven jurisdiction.

The core idea behind appointing a nominee director is to conceal the identity of the real business owners, and the appointed nominee director becomes the face of the organization. It seals the relationship that exists between the real owners of the company and the offshore business entity.

A nominee director is responsible for carrying out multiple activities in the offshore company which might involve the following:

  • The appointed nominee director acts as a bridge between the offshore company and its business parties.
  • The appointed nominee director holds the complete control of the company
  • Also signs the contracts, notices, and other documents as required by the beneficial owner of the offshore company
  • The powers of the nominee director get controlled by the beneficial owner of the business
  • The nominee director grants the company’s power of attorney
  • A nominee director is also responsible to open an offshore bank account for the offshore company
  • The appointed director also oversees the company operations to ensure everything is streamlined
  • Should actively take part in all the possible business meetings held

Who Can Be a Nominee Director?

A nominee director can either be:

  • An individual
  • An established business entity

How to Appoint a Nominee Director?

To appoint a nominee director for your offshore company, you have to take the necessary steps that include the following:

1. Check the Articles of Association (AOA)

The Articles of Association (AOA) highlights the essential processes that will be conducted inside the company. In short, we can say that it details out the internal proceedings of the company.

If in case, the company’s AOA doesn’t provide the same, then it needs to be altered accordingly to include the respective proceedings for the company to appoint the nominee director.

2. Check for the Respective DIN

According to the Companies Act, the offshore company’s director needs to hold an identification number. So, in the next step, you need to check the respective person’s DIN along with DIR-3. Now, the documents that need to be submitted to obtain a DIN is:

  • Identity proof of the applicant
  • Address proof of the applicant

3. Resolution to be passed by the Board of Directors

In the next step, the Board of Directors of the offshore company needs to pass a resolution regarding the appointment of the nominee director. Respective notices before seven days of the meeting will also be issued to all the board members accordingly.

By now, you must have got a clear understanding regarding the legal formalities that need to be cleared for appointing a nominee director. Similar proceedings get carried out when one decides to set respective nominee shareholders for the offshore company.

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Proceeding ahead with the nominee director services is a beneficial move for the offshore business owners as it provides secures the complete details of the company owners. However, it is recommended to proceed ahead with the guidance of business experts.

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