Which is the Cheapest Free Zone in UAE For My Business?

cheapest free trade zone in uae

The UAE is a significant hub for trade and commerce in the Middle East. Moreover, it offers a variety of business formation packages to help entrepreneurs launch their businesses quickly. Therefore, the UAE Free Zones are crucial in determining the direction of regional economic expansion.

There are different types of free zones suitable for various business activities. You can choose any of the cheapest free trade zones in UAE for your business if you have a tight budget.

Unfortunately, only some Best Free Zones in the UAE provide investors with reasonably priced firm license packages. Free zones in the UAE are more popular with international investors since they provide benefits including 100% foreign ownership, no income tax, full profit repatriation, simple company setup, adaptable office space, and more. 

The Cheapest Free Zone Setup in UAE

Few Free Trade Zones in the UAE provide businesses with reasonable license packages that include a range of business advantages like first-rate office spaces, quick document processing, little paperwork, simple UAE residency visa processing, and more. Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park (SRTIP) is one of the cheapest free zones in the UAE.

It is a specific free-trade area for the development of new technologies. It is a Sharjah start-up cluster where several start-ups and innovators are experimenting with new technological concepts.

In addition, a few business incubators exist in the free zone to aid in the expansion of new businesses in the area. The Free Zone also provides various business opportunities for investors, including consulting, media, and trade licenses at reasonable prices, research hubs, and innovation units.

SRTIP - Cheapest Free Zone in UAE

Incorporating your business in the SRTIP Free Zone will be a very good option as the free zone management wants to assist business owners become sustainable. In addition, the Free Zone will serve as the hub for all R&D activities and a testing ground for cutting-edge innovations.

With a particular emphasis on renewable, environmental, mobility and smart cities, digitization, architecture/industrial 4.0, and life sciences, the objective is to draw businesses looking to develop into the MENA area.

The Sharjah RTI Park has successfully established itself as a key innovation hub for accessing UAE public and private initiatives and connecting with critical stakeholders to gain access to the MENA ecosystem.

Benefits of Company Incorporation in the Cheapest Free Zone UAE

In addition to the advantages of the Free Zone, the Sharjah Research, Technology & Innovation Park provides investors with a wide range of commercial benefits, including 100% foreign ownership, no customs duty, no corporate or income tax, 100% profit repatriation, etc.

Entrepreneurs in Sharjah RTI Park can also benefit from the following business advantages:

  • The ideal environment for innovation, research, and entrepreneurship
  • Enhanced support and infrastructure for technology
  • Government regulations and an atmosphere that is the business-friendly
  • Presence of a significant talent pool
  • Low Cost to Form a Company
  • High-quality infrastructure and way of life

The Process of Company Formation in SRTIP

If you wish to start a company in SRTIP, the following process must be followed:

  1. Submit the Application

You must fill out the application form for initial approval from the government authority.

  1. Submit the Documents

Submit all the necessary company and personal documents to the office to obtain the business license.

  1. Obtain the Approvals

At the next step, the governing authority will review the submitted papers and permit you the business in SRTIP.

  1. Pay the Fees

After getting the approval, clear the payment for the business license.

  1. Obtain the Company License

Lastly, once every step is completed, you will get your business license and registration certificate in SRTIP. Now you are ready to start your business. 

Company Formation Cost in SRTIP

Company Formation Cost without Visa: AED 5500

Company Formation Cost with Visa: AED 17000 (approx)

How Can We Help?

Do you need more information about registering a business in the cheapest free zone UAE, SRTIP? Instead, would you want to establish a free zone business somewhere else in the United Arab Emirates? Message Business Setup Worldwide.

Contact us if you're going to start a business in SRTIP and take advantage of the excellent economic opportunities the global exhibition will bring to the UAE. We assist clients in establishing their businesses in each of Dubai's free zones by offering strategic recommendations, conversing with local players, and taking care of the appropriate paperwork.



What are the facilities available in SRTIP?

• Executive Office

• Shared Office

• Land and retail space

• Conference Halls

• Lab Facilities

How many days does it take for company incorporation in SRTIP?

6-7 working days

Which is the governing authority in SRTIP?

Sharjah Research Technology and Innovation Park Authority.

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