Why Businesses in Georgia Require Audit Services?

Audit Services in Georgia

An audit of the financial statements is of paramount importance to businesses, investors, lenders, shareholders/owners, and other stakeholders. An auditor must thoroughly understand the operations of the business and the kinds of risks it faces within the internal functioning and from the industry. It`s also important that the auditor remains abreast with the accounting, financial and regulatory developments that take place in a country.

If you are looking for company formation in Georgia because of the plethora of opportunities that Georgia, being at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, provides then you must get acquainted with the accounting and audit ecosystem of Georgia. The international accounting standards adopted by the Georgian legislation in 2000, officially known as International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), is followed throughout Georgia by corporations. The country`s business ecosystem has become quite competitive with the adoption of IFRS, digital transformation, evolving regulatory bodies and the increasing trust in the capital market of Georgia. All of this means that accounting and audit regulations are also evolving faster than before.

Why Do You Need to Outsource Audit Services in Georgia?

Auditing and financial reporting in Georgia continue to adapt alongside the evolving business models. It may become a little exhausting and daunting for the in-house staff of your organization to comply with the accounting and auditing regulations required by the International Financial Reporting Standards. The Georgian Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors promotes the use of IFRS throughout Georgia.

Now let us understand the complex nature of audits and why your company in Georgia should outsource auditing services.

  1. To ensure quality control of your financial statements so that your company doesn`t face any lawsuit or regulatory enforcement action.
  2. To comply with the ever-evolving changes in the regulations, methodologies, policies, and tools that auditors need to follow and use in their process.
  3. To have reliable and useful audit reports for quality decision-making at the disposal of the stakeholders of your organization.
  4. To maintain professional independence and ethics in accounting, reporting, and auditing according to the standards set by the Georgian Federation of Professional Accountants and Auditors (GFPAA).
  5. To receive credible audited financial statements for an appropriate professional opinion that can be supported by sufficient evidence and objective judgments.
  6. To streamline the company`s audit process such that it provides enough focus on risky financial situations that the shareholders need to steer away from.
  7. To get specialized reports that enhances decision-making efficiency and consequently increases realization.
  8. To build a firm foundation on which decisions can be based which add further value for the stakeholders.
  9. To get information about the latest financial issues related to the industry in which your company operates.
  10. To obtain loans from esteemed lending institutions and attract potential investors by providing a bedrock of confidence in the reported financial statements.
  11. To enhance productivity in the workplace by spending less time on administrative tasks and more time on high-risk matters.

Why Business Setup Worldwide for Audit Services in Georgia?

At business setup worldwide we understand that audit services are the cornerstone of every business and our experts in Georgia provide high-quality audits that give stakeholders the confidence to make better financial and corporate decisions. We aim to provide value, transparency and exceptional service through our platform. We do our due diligence so that the statutory audit of your organization takes place smoothly and makes the business valuation process easier for the investors, creditors, lenders and other stakeholders. We understand that the pursuit of quality audit service is a never-ending venture.

Our experts in Georgia are committed to providing high-quality audit that will meet the daily needs of the business environment, financial reporting standards, auditing standards, and regulations. This will help your business take the right steps in the right direction and at the right time. We also understand that to achieve high potential every business requires tailored service according to the scope of its operations and its industry. Our experts are equipped with the appropriate knowledge, skills, and tools to provide reliable audit that will help the stakeholders understand the risks and opportunities that the organization faces. To know more about audit services in Georgia that we offer, you may contact us.


Why do companies generally require audits?

Audits are mandated to protect shareholders and potential investors from fraudulent or unrepresentative financial claims.

What businesses are required to have an audit?

All businesses with a public interest score of more than 750 will be audited.

How to start a business in Georgia?

The following are the procedure one should follow to start a business in Georgia.
Choose a business idea
Decide on a legal structure
Choose a business name
Register your business entity in Georgia
Apply for licenses and permits
File and report taxes
Obtain insurance

How many days does it take to incorporate a business in Georgia?

It takes around seven business days to incorporate a business in Georgia.

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