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Why Invest in Mauritius?

Mauritius, an international investment platform, has the highest growth rates in sub-Saharan countries. It has a diverse and robust economy with manufacturing, information and communications technology, logistics, financial services, renewable energy, life science, tourism, and last but not least agriculture as the parts of the driving engine of the economy.

Reasons to Invest in Mauritius

Mauritius continues to hold a position on the international scene that is envied by most and is gradually becoming the hub of global investments. Here are a few of the reasons as to why you should go for company incorporation in Mauritius-

  • The trident economic approach “accelerate – diversify - innovate” adopted by the country`s economic planning body is the reason why this economy is accelerating the development of already established sectors. It is also expanding investments in high-growth sectors.  However, the most crucial point for all you entrepreneurs out there to consider is the economic body of Mauritius welcomes innovation, especially in the high-tech sector.
  • Mauritius offers an attractive tax regime with no inheritance tax, 3% tax rate for category 1 global business companies, 15% corporate tax, tax-free dividends, no capital gains tax, and free repatriation of profits.
  • 100% foreign ownership is allowed to bring investments and businesses to the Freeport of Mauritius.
  • With more than 80% literacy rate and bilingual mastering of English as well as French, there is no lack of qualified workforce.
  • In order to add an incentive to encourage investments by Mauritian Companies overseas, the Mauritian government has in place Investments Promotion and Protection Agreements with 28 nations.
  • The country is diversifying its export markets, ipso facto, more sources of revenue and quite possibly higher revenue.
  • If you are a foreigner and you are interested to invest in Mauritius then be rest assured as all your Mauritian bank deposits will have full protection as a result of Mauritius` consistent policies and investment-friendly environment.
  • The judiciary is an independent body that guarantees the same level of protection to foreigners as it does to Mauritian citizens.
  • The strategic location of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean between Africa and Asia makes it a perfect place for you in case you are interested in opening an export or import company on this island nation.

Here are some numbers to further boost your confidence in business incorporation in Mauritius.

  • 20th place in Ease of Doing Business ranking amongst 190 countries.
  • According to the Global Competitiveness Report published by the World Economic Forum, Mauritius scored 63.74 points out of 100, a long way from 4.16 points in 2008. It is the 49th most competitive country out of 140 countries as per the 2018 report.
  • Mauritius scored 155.50 points on the Business Confidence Indicator for the fourth quarter of 2018 that shows the perception of entrepreneurs and their future expectations. A score of above 100 represents an improving outlook.
  • It is the 25th freest country in the world and 1st among 47 sub-Saharan countries as per the 2019 Index of Economic Freedom.
  • According to the Forbes list of doing business, Mauritius is the best African country for doing business as per fifteen criteria that are taken into consideration. It ranks 39 amongst 161 countries according to the doing business list of Forbes.
  • As per the 2018 Index of Economic Freedom, Mauritius is in 21st place globally and 1st in Africa.
  • According to Fraser Institute`s annual report on Economic Freedom of the World 2018, Mauritius holds 8th position globally and 1st in Africa.
  • In Africa, Mauritius is the most devoted nation to cybersecurity according to the Global Cyber Security Index and it holds 6th position globally on this index.

Where to Invest in Mauritius?

Now, that you know why Mauritius is the best place to invest not just because you feel it in your bones but because of the facts and numbers mentioned above, here are some of the examples that you might want to take into consideration while putting a pin into which sector you want to invest in.

  • Agriculture- It is a diversifying sector that is looking for new-age technologies and bio-farming to increase export earnings.
  • Education- There are many investment opportunities in education as Mauritius is ready to position itself as a high-quality education hub.
  • Finance- With modern banking and technological infrastructure, the finance and fintech industry is growing rapidly in Mauritius.
  • Healthcare- Growth of medical tourism and the gradual increase in the number of foreign patients make Mauritius an excellent place for investment in healthcare.
  • Information and Communications Technology- Mauritius is trying to transform itself into a digital economy with opportunities emerging in e-payment, cloud computing, big data analytics, blockchain, artificial intelligence and digital content production.
  • Life Science- As lifestyle diseases are prevailing in Mauritius, investment opportunities in setting up of a pre-clinical research lab, clinical research lab, and research and development for nutraceuticals are on an all-time high.
  • Logistics- Given Mauritius` location, logistics is one of the best investment opportunities in terms of warehousing, storage facilities, packaging, maintenance of ships or aircraft, security and courier amongst many others.
  • Manufacturing- Investment opportunities in manufacturing include the production of medical devices, technical textiles, high-end jewellery, watchmaking and metal fabrication as the world moves towards disruptive technologies.
  • Renewable Energy- The threat of global warming has made every nation adopt renewable energy and Mauritius` location gives plenty of investment opportunities for the development of renewable energy in the waters of Mauritius.

All the reasons as to why you should invest in Mauritius and the investment opportunities in Mauritius would prove successful if you just ask for help. The experts at Business Setup Worldwide would be delighted to help you with company formation and registration along with accounting and bookkeeping services, company secretarial services and intellectual property services in Mauritius if this is what you wish. All you have to do is contact us and we will provide you with customized advice.