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Why Panama Offshore is a Tax Haven?

Offshore jurisdiction in Panama offers a wide range of excellent financial services, including offshore banking, the incorporation of offshore companies, ship registration, and the setting up of trusts and foundations in Panama. There are no taxes imposed on offshore companies that only engage in business outside the jurisdiction. Offshore companies incorporated in Panama and companies' owners are exempt from corporate taxes, withholding taxes, income taxes, capital gains taxes, local taxes, and property or inheritance taxes. Panama provides an additional benefit not available in much offshore tax havens: being able to do business within the jurisdiction of the maritime authorities.

What is Tax Haven?

A tax haven is a foreign country that offers a stable business environment for individuals and corporations with either minimal or no tax liabilities. Offshore companies in tax haven countries have access to incredibly low tax rates and only pay a small fee for the services the jurisdiction provides. Over the past few decades, the start-up of an offshore company in Panama has seen a considerable increase.

It is mainly due to the tax privileges that the country offers to offshore companies established in its territory. Different features of a tax haven attract business owners and corporations to start a business overseas. An offshore business gives business operations flexibility and control, which may not be the case in residential jurisdiction. If you're looking to start an offshore business, then read on to learn about the factors that make Panama a tax haven for overseas trade.

Factors that make Panama Tax Haven

No Taxes

Panama only taxes businesses and individuals on income sources obtained within the boundaries of Panama. It is considered a source of "territorial" revenue. Companies working outside of Panama are not paid on their wages or earnings. It includes using the internet to reach global customers and be paid for services carried out within Panama but delivered outside its borders. Offshore corporations in panama are exempt from income tax.


Panama laws make it a criminal offense for any employee who discloses company details of some kind to a client. Panama banks also face criminal charges for revealing the details of account holders, including checking whether they do have an account. Confidentiality is a vital aspect of the offshore industry as it guarantees full secrecy  of company activities and practices. Business owners are attracted to tax havens, primarily because of the high level of security that helps protect corporate assets.

Corporation Flexibility

Companies in tax haven countries have no requirement for paying out capital. Operational items involved in their business operations are therefore not required to be reported. Panama's corporate policies are flexible for offshore enterprises. Shareholders and directors of the company have a minimum limit on ownership of their business. The phase of company integration requires less time and money. Accounting and reporting are also not mandatory in Panama for offshore firms.

Absence of Currency Control

There are no limits on the operation of currency exchange for transactions to and from the Panama territories. You can send money from the jurisdiction freely without any limitations. The lack of currency control gives investors confidence. It ensures investment is secure and accessible whenever necessary. Investing in these jurisdictions with a lack of control over currency helps individuals and companies to escape confusion with the flow of money on each transaction.


Starting an offshore business in Panama is of enormous benefit to individuals and corporations looking to protect assets. A company's primary concern is high tax rates and regulation, which is impossible in the country of residence. Thus, tax havens serve as shelter for these companies in the form of an offshore company that enables businesses to take advantage of various benefits:

Key Highlights

  • Tax haven countries can be suitable for offshore business as it helps to save taxes.
  • Panama has, in its jurisdiction, versatile laws and legislation for the setting up of offshore companies.
  • Offshore companies can be guaranteed privacy and confidentiality as regulatory authorities protect company-related information.
  • Companies will benefit from the Double Tax Treaty provisions.
  • The integration of companies takes up less money and can build in a shorter time frame.

You can choose Panama with a host of benefits available to get started with your offshore business. Worldwide, we at Business Setup provide business set-up solutions to start a company in Seychelles. If you need help in establishing up a business, you can contact us today. We would be glad to assist!

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