Why Setup an Offshore Company?

Setting up an offshore company isn’t just for the wealthy anymore. Small businesses and individuals can protect their assets and enjoy substantial tax benefits by incorporating an offshore company. The incorporating jurisdictions have strong privacy laws in place to protect your identity and your financial transactions. The business reporting requirements are more streamlined and less costly as compared to domestic corporations.

Organisations, irrespective of their size, are now more international than ever. Every business is directly competing with rivals from different parts of the globe, either offline or online. Meanwhile, the obstacles to trade and capital investments have been severely reduced since the turn of the century. In this environment, spreading business operations across the borders may be more of a necessity than a luxury.

Should you decide to set up an offshore company someday, we give you a few benefits of incorporating one to provide you with the needed push.

1.Reduced Taxes

This is the most prominent of all the benefits one gets from forming a company in popular offshore jurisdictions. Once you incorporate an offshore company, you have to pay lower taxes for your business, and this is somehow the main reason why people shift towards the trend of offshore companies. The non-resident company enjoy tax-exemption, and in some countries, there is tax, but the amount is little compared to other businesses.

2.Asset Security

An offshore business can be the perfect vehicle for the protection of wealth. If you have a substantial amount of money then an offshore company can help you protect it from the lawsuit, you are liable as an individual, including your properties, assets, in fact, and anything that belongs to you could be turned into cash. For added asset protection, you can place the corporation in an offshore trust.


In a few countries, the non-residential companies don’t need to publish their financial information and the details regarding their shareholder and directors. This is helpful to them as they don’t have to disclose any information concerning their company to the outsiders. Offshore businesses can decide to do so only if there is some criminal activity or there is a need for it.

4.Less Red Tape

It is easy to set up an offshore company in a jurisdiction that is a good fit for your business, and it is easy to maintain it. To attract direct investment, local governments grant accessions and offer an advantage for new companies and for already established companies that want to expand internationally. The guidelines are designed to provide flexibility in offshore capital and structuring.

5.Access to New Markets

Growing into new markets from an offshore company is a great way to develop a business in a new region or country. Governments, private companies, and local agencies often boost and support emerging industries in their market with subsidies and other incentives for offshore companies eager to set up and invest locally.

6.Low Capital Requirement

The offshore companies require less capital and make minimal expenses for their company registration. In a few countries, there also are no capital requirements for company setup. Capital acts a hindrance to many businesses who have fewer finances, hence offshore company successful eliminate this factor.

7.Strong Lawsuit

When a business is settled as an offshore, it has a lot of sections and statuses which shows that the applicants and the creditors can’t easily take a right on the assets of the firm in case they face any loss. This is why wealthy individuals usually open up offshore companies so that they could protect their valuables and investments for a lawsuit.

8.Lower Costs of Business Operations

Depending on where you are from, the kind of business you are into and where you plan on incorporating up an offshore company, chances are that you most definitely will have lower costs of operations. If you use a full-service offshore company service, there will be extra services offered at a small fee like mail-forwarding and telephone answering services in addition to a registered office address, payment of government fees, appointment of directors, and adherence to the guidelines.

With such advantages, we know why entrepreneurs prefer opening an offshore company. Businesses are always in search of trends that will minimise their risk and expenses while maximising their profit margin. Having taken note of the above advantages, it’s clear why many businesses are adopting the offshore trend for their business. Here’s a guide on how does an offshore company work, which will help you to understand the core working procedure.

We at Business Setup Worldwide can help you quickly set up an offshore business. Should you decide to set up one, contact us! We’d be happy to assist you.

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