Why Start an Offshore Company in Panama?

Panama is a perfect location for offshore business due to many advantages, such as investment opportunities, lower tax rates, versatility, and quick business setup procedure. It is an island nation with a stable government and a growing economy that draws business owners and individuals from all over the world.

In terms of economic diversity, the nation has undergone a significant transition over the years. Previously the leading industries in Panama were tourism and agriculture. With the beginning of privatization and offshore business activities, sectors like financial services, manufacturing, industrial goods, and food processing began to contribute to the country's economy. This article highlights some of the key reasons for starting an offshore company in Panama.

Reasons to Start an Offshore Company in Panama

Starting an offshore company in Panama is very advantageous. The country is encouraging overseas operations within its territory to diversify its economy. Some of the main reasons for establishing an offshore business in Panama include the following:

Business - Friendly Environment

Panama has an environment that supports offshore companies. It provides facilities for businesses such as excellent communication, infrastructure, mobility, and advanced equipment types. The corporate laws were carefully designed to meet the business needs of offshore firms. The island nation has a competitive market, which is in line with international business standards. It is also an attractive jurisdiction for possibilities for international investment.

Tax Benefits

There are various tax benefits given to offshore companies. Panama offers lower tax rates than most other jurisdictions that benefit small and medium-sized enterprises. The taxation scheme is well-defined and attracts foreign national investments. Offshore corporations exempted from the tax on land sales, stamp duty, and tax on capital gains. There is also no dividend withholding tax or payments to foreign shareholders.

Privacy and Protection

Offshore companies provide a secure protective layer for corporate assets, thus providing high levels of privacy. Some of the company owners have confidentiality issues in business operations. They don't want to publish vital information about the company in public records. The offshore company is a tremendous legal framework that offers asset security and guarantees confidentiality for owners of companies and shareholders, respectively.

Availability of Resources

The island nation has plenty of resources in terms of workforce, office space, raw materials, financial services, and advisory services. It helps in business sustainability and also effectively strategizes the business workflow. Business owners may use those tools to develop and extend their jurisdictional sector.


Concerning business operations and other activities, the governing authorities provide great flexibility. In some instances, resident countries do not have sufficient legislation that would ensure that particular business practices are not impeded. Using an offshore company, therefore, helps to avoid other drawbacks such as capital constraints and business operating limitations. The government of Panama grants concessions and provides advantages to encourage foreign investment in the country.

World-class Facilities

Panama offshore companies have access to resources such as telecommunications, infrastructure, mobility, rapid license renewals, investment portfolio diversity, high-speed internet, banking services, and testing facilities. Besides these, companies are also facilitated with free trade zones and freeport to have long-term sustainable development.

Quick and Easy Setup

It is relatively easy and convenient to set up an offshore business in Panama. It takes less time and effort on the part of the business owners or investors. Also, the country provides special economic zones which assist in fast-track business registration. In Panama, the entire registration process has been structured in a way that is ideal for foreign nationals seeking to expand their business in the territory.

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