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Guide to Certificate Attestation in Oman

Any business entity can be incorporated successfully only after the respective documents have been cleared and approved by the nation's authorities.

Globally, the concept of attestation has been accepted as it authenticates and ensures that the submitted document is ready and can be obtained to complete the respective processes.

Oman is one of the fastest-growing GCC nations that provide wider business opportunities to business owners and investors. The nation, too, demands a specified attestation process of required documents that are to be followed by any business investor irrespective of the experience they hold.

Knowing about the attestation processes before you set up a business in Oman will turn out to be beneficial. This guide highlights the essentials that are required for certificate attestation in Oman. So do give it a read!

Types of Attestation Process

While opening a business in Oman, the business investor can proceed with the documents in two different ways, which involves:

  • Embassy Attestation
  • Apostille Authentication

If the intended country is a Hague Convention member, Apostille Authentication is the way to go. If it is not a member of the Hague Convention, then you must go for Embassy Attestation.

Oman is a part of the Hague Convention; hence Apostille Authentication needs to be done on your certificates (Degree/Diploma/Mark sheets/Marriage/Birth/Death/TC/A Level/HSC/SSLC etc.).

The apostille process is not the same for all certificates. It differs from each certificate, and it depends upon which country the certificates were issued from.

Apostille Attestation for Oman

An apostille is a legalization process of certificates originating from countries belonging to the Hague Convention of 1961. A squared-shaped sticker with a unique identification number is attached at the back of the certificates, known as an apostille stamp.

Why Certificate Attestation in Oman?

Attestation ensures the credibility of any document. Now, to avail of a valid visa, one's personal, professional, academic certificate attestation is essential, as said by the Omani Government.

The entire process duration takes about 15-20 days. Therefore, attestation plays a significant role in the process of authenticating the documents.

What are the Documents that can be Attested?

When it comes to document attestation, one can proceed with different types of certificates, which involves:

  • Educational certification
  • Non-educational or personal certification
  • Power of attorney
  • Memorandum of association
  • Commercial certificates
  • Degree certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs Oman (MOFA) attestation
  • Foreign affairs attestation

Time Required for Registration Process

The total time required for the Apostille process is as follows:

Normal Process

12-18 days

Fast Process

7-10 days

Normal Process for Embassy Attestation (Non-Educational Certificates)

15-20 days

Fast Process for Embassy Attestation (Non-Educational Certificates)

10-15 days



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