Your Guide to Business Setup in Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone

Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone

Dubai has always been a go-to destination for every investor to invest in any business sector. Free zones especially have become a boon to anyone wanting to get away from the taxes. As everyone is aware of it, every free zone in the UAE is dedicated to a particular industry. Today, we are going to discuss one such free zone in Dubai, the Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone.

Dubai Healthcare City was established in the year 2002 and attracted the best in class global and local names, as well as a network of businesses from hospitality to consultancies and retail outlets. DHCC has its regulatory body and facilitates end-to-end business set up. There are over 100 medical facilities and 3000 healthcare professionals who have chosen Dubai Healthcare City FZ as their home. The free zone offers expertise across a wide range of fields, including healthcare education.

DHCC offers a one-stop-shop approach from obtaining your business license to visas and working permits so you can set up your business and avail benefits of the free zone.

How to Establish a Company in DHCC Free Zone?

The process to start a business in DHCC is simple and straight-forward. If you feel that the process is daunting, then you can take help from a business consultant to make it hassle-free. Let us start with the steps now-

1.Decide on the Business Activity

There are many activities to indulge in to start a business in DHCC. They are as follows-

  • Health care support
  • Healthcare management
  • Clinical inpatient
  • Professional and management development training
  • Healthcare consultancy
  • Educational service provider
  • Publishing
  • Academic service provider
  • Non-academic service provider
  • Executive research
  • Event management
  • Regional headquarter
  • Research and development

Business activity is selected as it gets easier to get a business license depending on it

2.Decide on the Corporate Structure

A corporate structure must be selected to get more clarity. There are two main types of business entities which are-

  • Free Zone Limited Liability Companies
  • Branch Offices

3.Select a Business License for Your Business

There are three main types of trade licenses available to register your business in Dubai, which is as follows-

  • A Commercial License which must be renewed on a yearly basis
  • A Facility License which must be renewed every two years
  • An Individual License for doctors and nurses which must be renewed every two years

4.Select a Trade Name

A business name must be selected, which is not similar to the name of any established company in Dubai. Once you select a trade name, register it with the DHCC Free Zone Authority

5.Register Your Business

There are a series of steps involved under this, which are as follows-

  • Signing the reservation agreement and paying the administration fee as well as the deposit of 10% for the annual rent in order to preserve the DHCC facility
  • Submit the application for reservation and a business plan and pay the processing fee
  • Submit the documents for company registration, pay the fees for registration and license
  • Sign the constitutional documents and collect the bank letter and board resolution
  • Deposit the share capital and return the proof of capital letter to the DHCC
  • Sign the lease agreement and collect the license

As mentioned in Step 5, the document required are as follows-

  • The designated application form for the business license
  • The company’s Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • A board resolution, if the shareholder is a company/passport copies of the founder, in the case of natural persons

Reasons to Set Up a Business in DHCC Free Zone

Dubai Healthcare City is one of the most prosperous free zones in Dubai because of the incentives that its authority offers to investors. Among these are-

  • 100% foreign ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • No currency restrictions
  • Great infrastructure for setting up the business
  • Zero customs duty for goods and services
  • Access to excellent healthcare professionals
  • Flexible building design which suits the healthcare industry
  • Zero trade barriers and quotas

If you have made a decision on starting a business in Dubai Healthcare City Free Zone, then we at Business Setup Worldwide can help you with it. Our business design techniques, combined with its specialized industry knowledge and global reach, enable us to be the best in the sector. Contact us today- we’d be glad to assist you.


When did Dubai's health care city-free zone establish?

The Dubai health care city free zone was established in 2002.

Whether Dubai's Health Care City is a free zone?

Yes, Dubai's Health Care City is a free zone.

List out a few types of business activities in Dubai's health care city-free zone.

A few business activities in Dubai Health Care City free zone are pharmaceutical, clinical inpatient and outpatients, diagnostic centres, non-diagnostic medical labs, and patient escort services.

Who owns Dubai Healthcare City?

Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum owns Dubai Healthcare City.

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