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What do you mean by a license?

A license is an agreement made between a licensor and a licensee. The licensor grants partial or full rights to the license, and violation of any right would lead to payment of a fee.

What are the rights that an IP owner possesses?

An IP owner possesses two types of rights: moral right and economic right. Moral right is the power that whether the owner wants to disclose his/her intangible assets to the public or not. On the other hand, an economic right gives one the power to add a commercial value to these intangible assets by involving them in the daily business activities.

What is copyright infringement?

Violation of any exclusive rights held by a copywriter is called copy infringement.

What is WIPO?

WIPO stands for World Intellectual Property Organization. This governing body was established in the year 1967, which entered force into 1970. Its main objective is to promote intellectual property protection through cooperation between nations.

What is COSBOTS?

COSBOTS stands for Copyright Society of Botswana. It is a non-profit organization and is managed under the law of Botswana. It simplifies the process of copyrights through its collective management of copyright.

What is the IP license renewal period in Botswana?

An intellectual property license in Botswana has to be renewed every 10 years.