What are the types of business activities carried out in Belize?

The different types of business activities carried out in Belize are,
Research and development
Advertising and public relations
Creative industries
Centres for electronic data processing
Call centres
Educational and training services
Hospital and laboratory services
Marketing centres
Trading companies

What is the process of availing of a trademark in Belize?

The process of obtaining a trademark in Belize involves the submission of the following documents:
Power of Attorney signed by the applicant
Details of trademark
Copy of the image being registered
Intended classes of registration for the trademark

How much does it cost for an offshore Belize company?

The cost of opening a Belize offshore company is $790.

How long does it take for the registration of the company?

The registration of a company takes 1-2 days.

Can an expired patent in Belize be renewed?

No, an expired patent in Belize be renewed.

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