What is the corporate tax applicable on a Belize offshore company?

A Belize offshore company or international business company (IBC) does not have to pay taxes on earnings from abroad (revenues, dividends, capital gains or earned interest).

When should I opt for a Belize offshore company?

If you wish to set up a business in international trade, you can go for a Belize offshore company. It is ideal for asset protection, tax saving and confidentiality.

What are the prerequisites of forming a limited liability company in Belize?

To form a limited liability company (LLC) in Belize, it requires only 1 shareholder, 1 director, a paid-up capital of US$1, and a local registered agent. A Belize LLC is a favourable option if you wish to conduct business with Belizean residents.

What are the essential requirements for setting up a company in Belize?

For setting up any company in Belize, you would mandatorily require:

  • A company name
  • A registered agent
  • A director

How long does it take for company registration in Belize?

If the documents and prerequisites are in place, it takes just 2 days to complete a company registration process in Belize.

What is a Belize IBC?

IBC stands for International Business Company. It is a corporate vehicle that drives the international financial transactions. It delivers simple and fast incorporation process with the help of modern technology. IBC Registry is able to complete the process of company registration in Belize within an hour.

What is the tax applicable on fixed assets in Belize?

Fixed assets like, property and land, in Belize are subject to tax rate ranging from 1-12%.

What is copyright infringement?

Violation of any exclusive right held by a copywriter is called copy infringement.

What are the different types of trademark?

The different types of trademark are:

  • Collective marks
  • Certification marks
  • Multi-class applications

What is the validity of a trademark acquired in Belize?

A trademark in Belize is valid for 10 years from the date of registration.