Holding Company in Belize

The presence of businesses in Belize has experienced growth over time. As a result, establishing a holding company, which is a legal entity authorized to hold shares in other assets, offers advantages due to the substantial expansion of international business ventures in the jurisdiction.

Investors seeking opportunities in the business sector have found Belize to be an investment destination. The flexible business environment and tax exemption policies have made this region highly profitable for investments. If you are considering investing in Belize and forming a company, this information is necessary.

Before establishing a holding company in Belize, it is necessary to incorporate a business corporation (IBC). To learn more about how to begin a holding company in Belize, refer to resources.

Furthermore, it's worth noting that there are no filing or reporting obligations associated with this type of company formation.

The following characteristics can be attributed to an IBC;

  • It can only engage in business activities with non-residents.
  • Certain activities like banking require a license.
  • Issuing shares or stocks to residents of Belize is prohibited; however, it can be utilized for estate-holding purposes. Advantages of Establishing a Holding Company in Belize

Belize International Business Company (IBC) stands out as one of the favored business entities for creating a holding company structure in Belize. 

Opting for a Belize holding company brings forth benefits, including;

1. Tax exemption opportunities upon incorporation

2. Protection of business assets and wealth from creditors

3. Reduction of the risk of insolvency

4. Centralized management structure provided by a holding company

5. Access to avenues for growth and investment

6. Facilitation of succession planning

7. Entry into the market

Setting Up a Holding Company in Belize - A Step-by-Step Guide

Belize is regarded as an attractive destination for investors interested in establishing a holding company due to its favorable tax system, stable political environment, and strategic location in Central America. If you are contemplating setting up a holding company in Belize, here's what you should know;

Step 1 - Selecting a name for your company 

It is a requirement when establishing a holding company in Belize. The chosen name must be unique and not already registered with the Belize Companies Registry. To confirm availability, it is advisable to conduct a search on the website of the Belize Companies Registry.

Step 2 - Secure the services of a registered agent 

Every company in Belize is required to have a registered agent who will handle communications on behalf of the company. It's important that the registered agent is based in Belize and holds the license to provide services. You can choose to hire a law firm or a professional services firm for this role.

Step 3 - Prepare and submit the Articles of Incorporation 

The Articles of Incorporation are documents that outline aspects of your company, including its purpose, the number of shares to be issued, and the rights and privileges of shareholders. You have two options. Draft these documents yourself or seek assistance from an attorney. Once ready, you need to file them with the Belize Companies Registry.

Step 4 - Obtain a Tax Identification Number (TIN) 

Once your company has been successfully registered, it is important to obtain a Tax Identification Number from the Belize Tax Service Department. This unique number serves as identification for tax-related purposes. You have the choice to apply for it online or visit the Belize Tax Service Department in person.

Step 5 - Establish a bank account

As a holding company, it is crucial to open a bank account in Belize in order to conduct your business operations. Ensure that you provide the bank with all documents, including your Articles of Incorporation and any additional supporting materials.

By following these steps, you can smoothly establish your business presence within Belize. It is advisable to choose a bank that has experience working with holding companies and is regulated by the Central Bank of Belize.

Step 6 - Obtain any required licenses

Depending on the nature of your business, you may need to acquire licenses or permits from the government of Belize. For example, if you plan on offering services, it is necessary to register with the Belize International Financial Services Commission. It is important to understand and comply with all industry regulations.

Step 7 - Registration with the Belize International Financial Services Commission

If your holding company engages in providing services, it becomes essential to register with the body known as the Belize International Financial Services Commission. This commission oversees financial service providers operating in Belize.

When you decide to establish a holding company in Belize, it is important to remember that submitting an application along with the supporting documents is crucial.

The process of setting up a holding company in Belize can seem daunting. It becomes more manageable if you follow the proper steps and seek guidance from qualified professionals. Belize offers advantages for investors, including its tax regime, stable political environment, and strategic location in Central America.

How can we be of help to you? 

We understand that managing business company incorporations can be challenging for investors. The key here is to streamline the process and not underestimate the significance of documentation. That's why it is highly recommended for business owners to seek advice from professionals.

At Business Setup Worldwide, we take pride in our ability to assist business investors in expediting this process. Our team of business advisors specializes in business incorporation and can provide tailored solutions that perfectly align with your specific needs.

If you are interested in starting your holding company, please feel free to discuss it with our business advisors. Contact us today – we will be more than happy to provide any assistance you may require!


What is the use of offshore holding companies?

An offshore company can be used to reduce withholding tax, increase asset protection, and improve privacy. Incorporating your holding structure as an offshore company can increase its effectiveness.

How do I set up an offshore holding company?

Create an Offshore Company in 3 Easy Steps

  • Offshore company selection - Choose your offshore company jurisdiction, type of company, and company name.
  • Offshore company Setup - An offshore company setup entails submitting a fee, a business plan, personal documentation, and KYC forms.
  • Offshore Company Formation - Add Any Extra Services, Open A Bank Account, And Understand Your Reporting Obligation

Can one person start a holding company?

The typical holding company structure involves establishing a parent company at the top to hold all subsidiaries' assets. Multiple subsidiary businesses will then be included in the corporation or LLC holding company structure. Yes. A holding company can be formed and owned by a single person.

Do I need an EIN for a holding company?

To do business, all corporations must have a federal tax ID number, and an LLC would only need an EIN in rare circumstances (a holding company that does not pay any kind of tax). You will need your tax ID number to fill out payroll reports, pay taxes, open a business checking account, etc.