Intellectual Property Services in Belize

What is Intellectual Property?

Different businesses or brands use different symbols to represent them. We can recognize any organization just by looking at the symbols. Every business has got their own logos and symbols that can’t be used by any other company or competitor. These creations of a human mind that intangible, and represent an organization, business or brand are termed as intellectual property (IP). Business intellectual property is mainly of four types:

1. Patent

A patent deals with inventions. It can be categorized into:

  • Utility
  • Industrial Design
  • Plant

2. Trademark

Trademark is a legal sign used to distinguish the goods and services a business firm provides from its competitors. To register a trademark, one can:

  • File a “use” application after using the mark
  • File an “intent to use” application before using the mark

3. Trade Secret

A trade secret relates to a formula, process, confidential info that is private to an organization. Few examples include:

  • Soda Formulas
  • Customer Lists
  • Survey Results
  • Computer Algorithms

4. Copyright

A copyright comprises literary works, artistic works, recordings, etc.

What Are Intellectual Property Rights?

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) refer to the right or power that an organization holds for its intangible assets. They solely hold the right to make any alterations to their creations. It is the power through which business organizations protect their business creations.

Why Does a Business Need Intellectual Property Services?

Intangible properties like creative inventions, formulas or logos are an asset to an organization and hold intellectual property rights on them. Businesses require IP services so as to protect them from being replicated, altered, or misused.

Intellectual Property Law in Belize

Belize joined the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) by signing the Patent Cooperation Treaty in 2000. All the obligations regarding WTO had been fulfilled to implement the agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). TRIPS includes a set of legislation, namely:

  • Trade Marks Act
  • Copyrights Act
  • Patents Act
  • Industrial Designs Act
  • Protection of New Plant Varieties Act
  • Protection of Layout Designs of Integrated Circuits

The main feature of TRIPS agreement covers standards, enforcement and dispute settlement.


Belize Intellectual Property Office (BELIPO), is the national body that looks into the protection of copyright, industrial designs, patents, layout designs etc. It was established under Part II of Patents Act, 2000 and is the national intellectual property registry of Belize, and is situated at Belmopan, the heart of Belize.

Its mission is “to build a modern intellectual property system that values and protects the vibrant creative culture of Belize”.

Functions of BELIPO

  • Administer the intellectual property of Belize
  • Help the Government of Belize in IP matters
  • Promote and expand IP knowledge in Belize

Process of Availing Intellectual Property Services in Belize

A patent can be registered in Belize company registry by following a series of steps that include:

  1. A request for the patent needs to be documented
  2. A description of the invention is to be submitted
  3. Claims and drawings referred to in the descriptions needs to be attached
  4. An abstract
  5. Applicant’s name, address, and nationality
  6. Authorization of agent (Form 2)
  7. Certified copy of priority document (if priority is claimed)
  8. Patent Cooperation Treaty (PTC) application, if needed

A minimum time span of 2-3 years is taken by Registrar of Intellectual Property in BELIPO to process an application for registration. Once the application is processed, the Registrar will issue the Certificate of Registration.

Intellectual Property Fee Structure in Belize

1. Breakdown of Patent Rights Fee


Charges (in BZ$)

For filing an application for a patent


For the grant of a patent


For publication of a grant


On application for a charge to the application for registration of a patent



2. Breakdown of Trademark Fee


Charges (in BZ$)

On application for the address of service


On application to register a trademark (per international classification)


For publication of notice for registration or renewal


For publication of notice of record


For registration of a mark


Benefits of Availing Intellectual Property Services

Holding an intellectual property is an asset for any company. Let’s have a look at the benefits of availing intellectual property services:

  • Possibilities of business expansion grow
  • It enhances the market value of your business
  • Attracts foreign investors to invest in your business
  • IP assets can be monetized to raise funds for business
  • Creativity and ideas can be transformed into mediums of cash inflow
  • Prevents others from taking advantage of goodwill generated by your company
  • Elongated tenure of 20-25 years lowers the tension and risk of the frequent renewal process

Business Setup Worldwide Intellectual Property Services

Business Setup Worldwide understands the complexity that a business face when it comes to legal proceedings, and so we help our clients to simplify the complex process. Few of the services that we will be able to assist you with are:

  • Recording a license contract
  • Registration of industrial designs
  • Domain name registration
  • Infringement and litigation
  • Enforcement of trademark owner’s rights
  • Maintenance of Belize patent
  • Renewal of patents
  • Brand valuation

Why Us?

Business Setup Worldwide is a podium that provides a broad spectrum of services related to company expansion and business setup in foreign lands. We help our clients in clearing all the legal proceedings that are essential to establish business foundations, protect intellectual properties, taxation policies, etc. Our business experts take care of the necessities and build the framework to provide the intellectual property services. Apart from dealing with the legal aspects, our business experts also handle the financial front required to establish a business.