Intellectual Property Services in Canada

What is Intellectual Property?

Intellectual Property is a bracket of property that holds intangible assets. These assets are representatives of business organizations and are a human-mind fabrication. These intangible assets are a crucial part of the business world today, as most of these assets are strategically used to run an organization. On the business front, these intangible assets have been divided into two categories: Industrial Design and Copyright.

1. Industrial Design

Industrial design refers to the visual design of manufactured or produced goods. For example, the iPod is an industrial design hold by Apple Inc. It may consist of many-dimensional features like shape, color, patterns etc. and helps to safeguard the design, trade secrets, and trademark of a business organization. They need to be registered so as to protect them and hold a legal right on them.

Filing an Industrial Design Application

Now, in order to protect the industrial design, it needs to be registered. The process of filing an application for registration of trademark contains three steps.

  1. The first step involves identification of the owner of the industrial design
  2. Once the identification is done, an inspection of the product takes place where the design will be applied
  3. Here, the graphical or photographic representation of the design is looked into

Once the filing process is completed, a national and international screening takes place through the patent administrative authority.

Registration of a Trademark in Canada

The registration process of a trademark in Canada involves a series of steps:

1. Formalities

Once the application is filed with CIPO by paying the application fee, a filing date, and an application number will be received. It will be recorded in the Canadian Trademark Registry, declared as ‘Pending’ and will be moved towards Step 2.

2. Examination

A strict examination will be done by the trade-mark examiner to determine whether the trademark can be included in the Trademark Journal or not. If it is unapproved, certain formalities need to be cleared for approval. Once approved, it moves to Step 3.

3. Advertising 

Once approved, it will be published in the Trademark Journal. Within two months of advertisement, the application can be opposed by someone else. Once opposed, it will be removed from the normal process cycle until the opposition gets resolved.

4. Opposition

It is a complex process and involves a huge amount of time. Here, both the parties will be given the opportunity to submit their evidence and written arguments. If it is withdrawn, it moves to the next step of allowance.

5. Allowance

At this stage, a registration fee needs to be paid for a trademark to get registered.

6. Registration

Upon fee-payment along with the application, the ‘Pending’ status of the application will be converted into ‘Registered Trade Mark’.

Fees | Trademark Registration Process

Let’s have a look at the common types of the fee that needs to be paid during the trademark registration process:



Filing Fee


Registration Fee


Renewal Fee


Statement of Opposition


Transfer of Ownership



2. Copyright

Copyright in Intellectual Property means the right to copy. It is an intellectual property right that allows the creator to hold a right to its creation. Copyright includes literary works, music, artistic works, computer software, and architecture.

Filing a Copyright Application

An application needs to be collected from ISED Canada by paying the appropriate application fee. To obtain a copyright in a work the title, category of the work needs to be cleared. The category may include literary, musical, artistic, and dramatic. If a work is published, the date and place of publication are required. To ease the process, forms are made available online that can be downloaded and submitted online.

Registration of Copyright in Canada

The registration process of copyright in Canada involves a number of steps that include:

  1. An application needs to be filed online by paying the application fee
  2. Once CIPO receives the application and the fee, copyright is registered and the information is passed to the internal processing system
  3. Upon completion, the assignment, the license will be included in the register
  4. If any problem takes place, CIPO will notify within a week from the date of filing
  5. Certificate of registration will be received along with a registration number within a span of two weeks

Fees | Copyright Registration Process

The fee required to be paid for the copyright registration process in Canada includes:



Accepting an application for registration of copyright


Application for registration an assignment or license of a copyright


Fee Payment Methods

All the registration fee needs to be paid in Canadian dollars to CIPO. The different types of payment accepted by CIPO involve Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Deposit Accounts, Online Banking Service, Cheques/ Money Orders, and Wire Transfer.

Business Setup Worldwide IP Services

It is an essential decision for any business to protect its intangible assets. Business Setup Worldwide is a podium that helps business to enlarge their target audience scale by entering into international markets. BSW provides a wide portfolio of Intellectual Property Services that includes:

  • Patent and legal translation
  • Drawing of patent marks to match the international standard
  • Trademark search, registration and enforcement
  • Filing of national and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) applications
  • Monitoring competitors’ activities
  • Identifying the latest trends in IP litigation
  • Solving legal business issues

Benefits of Availing Intellectual Property Services

Now let’s have a look at the benefits that you can derive by availing the IP services:

  • It boosts the market value of your business
  • Establishes your own right on your assets and shoots higher your profits
  • Helps in building customer loyalty
  • It helps to build a unique position in the competitive market
  • It prevents your assets from imitation by competitors
  • It helps in building a quality patent portfolio
  • Acts as a business intelligence tool as it helps to gain insights into different innovations

Why Us?

Business Setup Worldwide understands the twist that every business needs to undergo while business expansion or establishment. Our business experts come with industry experience that helps you to build a framework for your business keeping the international rules and procedures in mind. They take care of the intellectual property segment from the very scratch to its ultimate goal so that you can look into the other business affairs. Apart from solving the IP services, they also help to clear out the legal proceedings, accounting and taxation activities that is a must for any organization irrespective of its nature, size, or business activities.