Citizenship By Investment

Nowadays, more and more people are looking to expand their businesses and go global.  Availing citizenship in a foreign country by investing there has made becoming a global resident easier. Citizenship by Investment Programs (CIP) are legislation that enables business people to obtain citizenship by investing in the economy of the country. 

Some of the popular jurisdictions that offer CBI include Nevis and St. Lucia. Each country has its own set of rules for obtaining citizenship through investment. In this article, we will highlight the key ways of obtaining residency by investment.

Benefits of Residency by Investment

Obtaining citizenship by investment helps business owners gain citizenship in two countries. This process is faster than the traditional immigration process and can help attain global residency in a hassle-free manner. Becoming a global resident using citizenship by investment can be advantageous especially if you want to create a presence in a foreign market. 

Avenues to Invest for Obtaining Citizenship By Investment

Here are different areas of investment. - 

In jurisdictions such as Nevis and Anguilla, citizenship can be obtained by investing in real estate. These real estate properties must be government-approved. 

In jurisdictions like Antigua and Nevis, citizenship will be granted if an individual invests in the public welfare schemes.

In the case of high-networth individuals, if the tax liability is beyond a certain threshold, they will be eligible for citizenship. 

Starting an offshore company and investing in such establishments is another way to obtain citizenship. This is encouraged by the government as it creates jobs for the locals and also drives the economy. 

These are some of the ways in which one can obtain citizenship. This will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. A thorough understanding of CIP is mandatory while looking to obtain citizenship. Consultants at Business Setup Worldwide will guide you through. 

Procedure for Availing Citizenship by Investment

In most jurisdictions, the method for obtaining citizenship is the same. 

  1. Interviews are conducted by the authorities either online or at a specified location. 
  2. A board of governors will approve the application based on various parameters such as business scope. 
  3. A background check is also done to establish identity. If any false information is found, the authority will reject your application. 

The usual timeframe for this process is between 120-180 days. 

Following this simple procedure will help you become a global resident who can also expand your business using the visa advantages.  Thus, obtaining citizenship by investment is making it easier for entrepreneurs like you in cross-border business and asset wealth management. 

The consultants at Business Setup Worldwide will help you in obtaining citizenship by investing in offshore jurisdictions. To know more about the procedure and to begin the process, get in touch with our consultants by booking a free consultation. We’d be happy to assist you.