Availing Company Secretary Service

Setting up a business can be a great decision but there are many legal regulations to follow which can make the whole process very complex. This is where Company Secretary services come into play. These services assist in managing internal governance and maintaining compliance requirements. 

Read along to understand more about company secretaries and the services they provide.

Who is a Company Secretary?

A Company Secretary (CS) is an individual or a group of individuals who assist a business in matters of legal and corporate importance. They provide in-depth knowledge about the regulations applicable in the jurisdiction and also ensure that the business activities are carried out within the legal framework. 

Advantages of Company Secretary Services

A business can choose to hire a company secretary or outsource this service to a firm that provides such services. The benefits of outsourcing them include -

Businesses are expanded internationally to achieve growth. As the business grows, the requirement for legal compliance grows. Outsourcing can help you meet the expanding demand with ease.

A company secretary can save a lot of expenses with his expert knowledge and experience in corporate, legal and tax fields.

By using company secretary services, the management can free up valuable resources, which can help them focus on the business.

They can use analytical skills to solve problems and determine what actions to take immediately.

CS professionals interact with managers, staff, clients, and suppliers and need to share information accurately and promptly.

CS professionals can help businesses with foreign collaborations and joint ventures.

By availing of company secretary services your business can achieve new heights. Reach out to our consultants to learn more.

Company Secretary Services 

The various tasks that a company secretary can perform to assist the growth of the business are:

  • Company incorporation and registration of business
  • Understanding company law and providing expert advice
  • Communicating with the shareholders and ensuring that their rights are upheld
  • Conducting board meetings and committee meetings depending on the jurisdiction
  • Conducting audits to identify gaps in abiding by the legalities and rectify them.
  • Acting as legal advisors and ensuring that the business activities are conducted in a transparent manner
  • Filing of annual returns in a systematic manner and handling documents such as invoices and financial statements

Factors to Consider while Choosing Company Secretary Services 

A firm that provides company secretary services must be carefully chosen depending on whether the company is set up in an offshore, mainland, or free zone. Each jurisdiction has different requirements. For example, the services required in Singapore will be very different from those required in Mauritius

Some important factors to consider while choosing a company secretary services provider include the following -

A  proven track record will provide confidence to investors and management and enhance the firm's credibility.

A firm that offers all services such as legal compliance, documentation and filing, invoice management and legal advisory should be chosen as this will save both time and costs.

The services must be affordable and at par with the market standards. The costs quoted by each firm tend to depend on the quality of services. 

The choice regarding the company secretary firm must be made by carefully assessing all the above-mentioned factors. 

At Business Setup Worldwide, our team of consultants will help you understand the company secretary services you can avail of. You can also obtain company incorporation services across various jurisdictions across the globe. Reach out to us and we’d be glad to assist you.