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How many shareholders are required to carry out business registration in Bahrain?

To register a business with the company registrar in Bahrain, only 1 shareholder is required. That is the minimum number of shareholders to register a company.

How much time is required to setup a business in Dubai?

Company formation in Free Zones can take anywhere between 3-10 days, where as an offshore company can be established within 48 hours if the right documentation and resources are available. Mainland company formation, business license and registration depend on the necessary paperwork and documentation requirement.

How to form an LLC or mainland company in Dubai?

A trade name is required to establish an LLC or a mainland company. Along with trade name, the business owner/ investor have to obtain some approval related to the products or services. Memorandums of Association of the enterprise have to be submitted with a lease contract and another necessary document in DED.

What are the limitations of a Free Zone company?

There are certain trade restrictions, for example, a Free Zone company cannot trade directly with the UAE market. So a local distributor has to be appointed. Employees with a visa from the specific free zone company are expected to work from the company’s offices or building in the particular free zone. A customs duty of 5% is also applicable in the case of local business.

What is RAK Media Free Zone?

RAK Media Free Zone comes under the mandate of Emirate's Investment Authority and issues licenses for a company setup to animation studios, television channels, computer graphics houses, media establishments, studios for audio-visual productions, etc.

What are the economic advantages of setting up a business in RAK?

A company in RAK is 100% tax free, allows 100% foreign ownership (in case it is in a Free Trade Zone), 100% repatriation of capital and profits, long term corporate tax exemption, and economical rental office spaces.

What is the norm on licences in RAK Free Trade Zone?

RAK FTZ requires the companies in its jurisdiction to obtain trade or business license before undertaking any activity. The license issued by RAK FTZ is subject to yearly renewal, for which the company should submit their audit reports.

Do I need a physical office to set up a business in RAK?

This depends on the type of your entity. For someone operating an offshore company, a virtual office is acceptable. A physical office premises must be leased if someone intends to conduct business within the UAE.

Is it mandatory to have a local resident director for registering a company in RAK?

No. Neither a resident director nor a resident shareholder is required for registering a company in RAK. Companies registered in the Ras Al Khaimah Free Zone can be 100% foreign owned.

Are there other benefits apart from cost savings?

Accurate Guidance Fast Track Process Valued Connection Professional Market Experience