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What's Included?

It can include almost everything an in-house accounting department does or as little as you would want, and provide more effective financial information that can benefit the growth of your company.

Do I lose control if the accounts are handled by an outside agency?

Owners do not lose control because they will have more time to make informed decisions on all the financial aspects post accounting bookkeeping are done. As an investor you will be able to focus and plan instead of reacting to business events.

What is the duration of engagement?

The accounting assistance agreement term is for one year (financial years) and later can be renewed after review of your new requirements. Contracts are very flexible, e.g. one or two days every week, monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or annually. We will meet the needs of your business as per your requirement. You are assured of a dedicated professional accounting service to help make the most of your business.

Where is the work done?

We provide accounting solutions unique to the client’s requirement. The scope of coverage could include whole accounting aspect for the entity to specific functional areas in accounting. The service could be performed onsite or offsite depending on the requirement for service delivery, information security, logistics, and deadline.

What are accounts outsourcing/ bookkeeping?

We at Business Setup Worldwide provide specialized bookkeeping and accounting services; we meet all your accounting requirements. Outsourcing is a very cost effective way of reducing the hiring and training expenses of the accountants in an organization.

What is RAK Investment Authority?

RAK Investment Authority is a sought-after free zone for companies belonging to real estate, manufacturing, mining, tourism, trade and commerce, construction, food processing, warehousing, and maritime services.

What are the legal entities permitted in setting up a business in Ajman Free Zone?

A legal business entity in Ajman Free Zone can be one of Free Zone Establishment (FZE), Free Zone Company (FZC), Branch of a foreign Company (BFC), and Branch of a UAE Company (BLC).

What is the tax levied in Ajman?

There is neither any corporate tax nor personal income tax levied in Ajman. In addition, there are no requirements for a business in Ajman to prepare annual financial statements or tax returns for authorities, making it easy to manage.

What kind of companies are eligible to be part of Ajman Free Zone?

All types of lawful business operations are allowed. Weightage is givento not the size but the type of business to be established, which is mainly light & medium industry, trading and service sectors, subject to the approval of Ajman Free Zone authority.

What are the special benefits offered to new investors in AFZA?

AFZA allows 100% foreign ownership and is free from all types of taxes. Trade licenses are issued within 24 hours. Investors have 24 hours accessibility to their offices without any complications or security procedures.