Georgia Offshore Company FAQs

1.What is the corporate tax rate for an offshore company in Georgia?

The corporate tax is rated at 15%

2.Is there a capital gains tax in Georgia?


3.Is there a capital requirement for starting an offshore business in Georgia?

Georgia has no capital requirements for setting up a company. However, you will need to prove the legal occupancy of the premises. This may involve purchasing a property in Georgia.

4.What is the Principal of Corporate Legislation in Georgia?

Several pieces of corporate legislation govern the incorporation of companies in Georgia.
a. The civil Code 1997
b. The Law on Entrepreneurs 1994
c. On the assistances and guarantees for foreign investments 1996

5. Which type of offshore company can be set up in Georgia?

One can set up a Georgia Private Company.

6. What type of business activities are profitable in Georgia?

Real estate, Holding company, Investment in stocks and commodities, and E-commerce are some of the profitable business activities in Georgia

7. What is the minimum number of directors and shareholders required to start a Georgia offshore company?

One director and one shareholder are required.

8. What is the cost of setting up an offshore company in Georgia?

The cost varies depending on the type of company structure and business activities that one chooses.