Hualing Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone

Hualing Kutaisi FIZ is an excellent industrial, logistics, and trading hub in the region of the Caucasus, providing a plethora of opportunities for enhancement of commercial and business ties between Europe and Asia.

Hualing Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone is situated in Kutaisi, the 2nd most important city of Georgia and was officially functional in the year 2015. Considering its location and unique advantages, Hualing Kutaisi FIZ represents an excellent industrial, logistics, and trading hub in the region of the Caucasus, providing several lucrative opportunities for enhancement of commercial and business ties between Europe and Asia.

Currently, there are five enterprises operating in the Hualing Tbilisi Zone: wood processing, furniture production, stone processing, metal construction, and mattresses production. With its convenient infrastructure, transportation facilities such as rail, road, ports, and air transport, Hualing free zone has become an attractive investment zone for investors wanting to set up a business in Georgia.

Benefits of Setting Up a Company in Hualing Kutaisi FIZ

  • 100% exemption from Corporate profit, VAT, Dividend, and taxes
  • 100% exemption from import/export of cargo, including raw materials, equipment, and machinery, prefabricated goods
  • 100% capital and profit repatriation
  • No initial capital requirement
  • No state auditing required
  • A fast process of the company setup
  • Cheapest tariff on licenses, services, and buildings
  • Free Trade regime with CIS countries
  • A fast procedure for getting a Certificate of Origin for industries

Licenses Available in Hualing Kutaisi FIZ

Following is the list of licenses available in the Kutaisi Georgia FIZ under their mandate:

  1. Industrial License
  2. General Trading License
  3. Special Trading License
  4. Consulting License
  5. Service License
  6. Financial and Banking License
  7. Logistics License
  8. Contracting License

Activities Permitted in Hualing Kutaisi FIZ

The business activities allowed in this free zone are:

  • Import, Export, Store, Produce, Package, Process, or Manufacturing of any goods (apart from tobacco-related raw materials)
  • Provision of all services by foreign enterprises
  • Provision of limited services by the companies registered under the Georgian law- Transportation, communication, sewerage, audit/consulting, financial services, from licensed institutions, fixed assets installment and construction services

Activities Restricted in Hualing Kutaisi FIZ

The following activities are prohibited in this industrial zone:

  • The usage of building for living, construction of capital, and temporary buildings for housing and/or hotel purposes
  • Manufacturing and trade in weapons and/or ammunition
  • Production and trade in nuclear and/or radioactive substances
  • Entry, storage, production and/or sale of narcotics and psychotropic substances

How to Register a Company in Hualing Kutaisi FIZ?

While registering your company in the Georgia free zone, the first step that you need to follow is filling an application form available on the official website of the Hualing Kutaisi FIZ. The further steps are explained below.

1. Approval of the Application

Once you have filled in all the details in the application and submitted it, the officials will either approve or reject it depending upon the authenticity of the details. In case the administrator approves it, they provide an invoice on company registration and license relevant for the company.

2. Preparing, Notarizing, and Registration of the Documents

All the documents listed by the authorities must be translated in Georgian and notarized after which you can submit them to the officials.

3. Registration

The registered documents must be submitted to the National Agency of Public Registry of Georgia along with a letter of consent on the allocation of legal address by the director or the authorized person or company. After the documents are approved, the enterprise will be issued with a relevant license by the free zone authorities. This step requires 1-2 days to complete.

4. Lease Agreement

The lease agreement involves signature between the Administrator and Kutaisi FIZ Enterprise and payment of the first year’s rent. In case if the agreement exceeds 1 year, it will be then registered in the Public Registry of Georgia.

Documents Required for Registering a Company in Hualing Kutaisi FIZ

  • The charter of the parent company/shareholder (apostilled or legalized)
  • An extract of the parent company from the commercial registry of the state of incorporation of the parent company
  • Minutes of the meeting- the decision of parent company on the establishment of enterprise in the Hualing Kutaisi FIZ, including information on appointed directors, the corporate form of the Hualing Kutaisi FZ Enterprise
  • The power of attorney of the parent company authorizing a person to sign the documents for registration of the free zone enterprise
  • The charter signed by the shareholders of the free zone company
  • The consent of all the directors of the company with their official signatures

Facilities Provided by the Hualing Kutaisi FIZ

Here is the list of facilities provided by this Georgia FIZ:

  • Land for industrial usage or warehousing
  • Ready-made buildings for industrial usage or warehousing
  • Office spaces
  • Office desks
  • Smart offices

If you want to avail the aforementioned benefits and facilities, do contact us today to set up your business in Hualing Kutaisi Free Industrial Zone in Georgia.