Intellectual Property Services in Georgia

What Is Intellectual Property?

A business organization is represented by a symbol or a logo that speaks to the ultimate customers. They are human mind fabrications that are used in business. They are intangible in nature but holds the business reputation in itself. Now, intellectual properties have been classified into different categories:

1. Trademark

A recognizable design that helps in the identification of a product or service from its competitors.

2. Patent

An authority or license for a right provided for a limited duration, and is mainly related towards the invention of a new product or service.

3. Copyright

Mainly used to protect artistic or literary works.

4. Domain Name

Here, the domain name of any company or business is protected. No two business can possess the same domain name in the world of today’s online business.

5. Design

Here, logos, symbols, industrial designs, designs of integrated circuits hold the design category.

Intellectual Property Rights in Georgia

The intellectual property rights in Georgia have been framed according to international standards. In Georgia, six laws regulate the Intellectual Property Rights. They are:

  1. Law on Patents
  2. Law on Trademarks
  3. Law on Copyrights and Neighboring Rights
  4. Law on Appellation of Origin and Geographic Indication of Goods
  5. Law on Topographies of Integrated Circuits
  6. Law on IP-Related Border Measures

Sakpatenti – The National Intellectual Property Organization of Georgia

Georgia is a core partner in terms of the international agreements in the field of Intellectual Property. Sakpatenti is the national body that looks into intellectual property enforcement in Georgia. The Georgian law sets licenses related to the intellectual property and the matters are presented before Sakpatenti and the National Court of Georgia.

Sakpatenti joins WIPO CASE Platform

On 26th July 2018, Sakpatenti joined the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) CASE (Centralized Access to Search and Examination). The patent offices will be able to securely share search and documentation that are related to patent applications.

Time Period of Protection for Intellectual Property in Georgia

Intellectual property in Georgia does have a duration for its protection. Let’s have a look:

Intellectual Property Type Duration until Expiry
Invention 20 years
Utility Model 8 years
Industrial Design 15 years
Domain Name 1 year

Time Period for Domain Name Registration in Georgia

Description Duration
Registration period 1 year
Registration timeline 5 days
Activation timeline 6-12 months
Renewal period 1 year

Fee Structure for Intellectual Property in Georgia

Action Fee (USD)
Examination of trademark 90
Publication 60
Substantive examination of a collective mark 310
Renewal of trademark for 10 years 300
Renewal of collective mark for 10 years 550
Issue of a certified extract from the Registrar 30
Registration, issue of the certificate, publication of accelerated procedures of trademark 100

Domain Name Fee Structure in Georgia

The domain name fees in Georgia are as follows:

Service Fee (Euros)
Registration 36.00/year
Renewal 36.00/year
Transfer Free of Charge
Change of Owner 36.00
Trustee Service 25.00

Why Does a Business Need Intellectual Property Services?

Intellectual properties act as a front-face for any business. The symbol or logo carries the brand value within itself. These intangible properties set an impression in the minds of the customer and make it easier for them to identify them from the competitors. It also helps in building more loyal customers.

Benefits that can be obtained by Availing Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Protection Rights (IPRs) are legal rights that a company possess on its creations. When an organization avails for IP Rights, the organization becomes eligible to enjoy certain benefits. Let’s have a look at some of them:

  • The creativity of business is protected
  • The business can legally hold a right to its intangible assets
  • At times, these assets can be used for monetization
  • It helps in building the brand value in the minds of the customers
  • Market share can be captured at a faster rate
  • Goodwill of an organization gets enhanced

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1. When was the EU Georgia Association Agreement signed?


2. Which issues are regulated by the intellectual property laws in Georgia?

Georgian Law on Copyright and Related rights
Georgian law on trademarks
Law of Georgia on appellations of origin and geographical indications of goods
Law of Georgia on patent
Law of Georgia on design.

3. What is Sakpatenti?

For Sakpatenti (The National Intellectual Property Center of Georgia), intellectual property registration is necessary. According to public law, Sakpatenti is a company that protects the legal rights of individuals and corporations in intellectual property.