Company Secretarial Services in Greece

Why Does a Business Need Company Secretarial Services?

Company or corporate secretarial services refer to administrative tasks a firm is required to carry out by virtue of operating in a country, like conducting board meetings and keeping a record of its accounts. It is significant from a legal standpoint since corporate regulations require businesses to follow certain norms in the interest of accountability and operational longevity. Failure to file reports and taxes, and to maintain account books, can leave a company exposed to fines or cause it to lose its legal standing. Not to mention, corporate secretarial services often encompass the best practices in business.

Our Offerings

We offer the following company secretarial services in Greece:

  • Incorporating and registering a company
  • Reviewing board and committee structure
  • Arranging directors’ and shareholders’ meetings, and drafting minutes for the same
  • Preparing and reviewing power of attorney
  • Preparing and verifying corporate agreements and documents
  • Preparing filings for share capital allotment, voluntary liquidations, etc.
  • Preparing and submitting of annual returns, including Greek financial statements, to the Registrar of Companies
  • Maintaining statutory books and records
  • Managing official correspondence, including email, fax and telephone communuication

Benefits of Company Secretarial Services

  • Company secretarial services guide you on compliance with regulatory requirements
  • You can seek advice on Greek law, corporate tax and accounting compliance requirements
  • Partners are saved from any possible operational risk that might arise because of non-compliance

Who We Are

Business Setup Worldwide is a platform to help you start your company in Greece. We facilitate the setup of your business through services like incorporation, registration, licensing, Greek intellectual property (IP) protection, registered trademark, and business management.

We specialize in business-oriented support activities, in the ever-changing global corporate environment. We place your business objectives at the centre of our operations, and take pride in our ability to adapt to the market and devise innovative strategies to aid firms with their vision.

Why Us?

Business Setup Worldwide helps entrepreneurs and firms in setting up their company in Greece by providing company/corporate secretarial services to help them in following regulatory requirements properly. Our experts specialize in managing regulatory matters in a safe and timely manner, according to your specialized business needs. We have a highly experienced corporate secretarial team in Greece to support you with compliance, regulation and business consulting.

Business Setup Worldwide's proprietary business design techniques, combined with its specialized industry knowledge and global reach, enable companies to anticipate changes in customer priorities and the competitive environment, and then design their businesses and improve operations to seize opportunities created by those changes.