Corporate Secretarial Services in Hong Kong

Why Does a Business Need Corporate Secretarial Services in Hong Kong?

As per the Companies Ordinance of the Laws of Hong Kong, a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong is required to mandatorily appoint a company secretary, to carry out the legal liabilities of the company, which includes declaration of an appropriate organizational structure, coming up with the agenda of company meetings for Board of Directors, preparation of annual general meetings of shareholders, notifying changes of shareholders and directors to the Companies Registry, and provision of professional advisory service and advice on pertinent statutory ordinances. Not only are these and a few other company secretarial tasks mandated by corporate law, but they also make up the best practices in business.

Our Offerings

Business Setup Worldwide provides the following company/corporate secretarial services in Hong Kong:

  • Preparation and safekeeping of statutory records like the register of shareholders and register of directors, etc.
  • Organizing meeting of directors and shareholders, and drafting the minutes of those meetings
  • Preparation and submission of application for the business registration certificate or its renewal
  • Preparation and filing of statutory documents like the annual return form
  • Management of the issuance and transfer of shares
  • Attending to the appointment or resignation of directors
  • Aiding in opening a bank account for the company

Benefits of Taking Company Secretarial Services

  • Complying with regulatory requirements is essential as well as beneficial for the long-term benefit of a company
  • Corporate secretarial services ward off the possibility of any operational risk for the business partners

Who We Are

Business Setup Worldwide is a platform to help you set up a business in Hong Kong. Right from incorporation, registration and licensing to establishing your office space, we facilitate the formation of your enterprise through counselling and incubation.

Why Us?

Business Setup Worldwide helps entrepreneurs and firms in setting up their company in Hong Kong by providing company secretarial services to aid them in following compliance requirements properly. Our experts specialize in taking care of regulatory matters in a safe and timely fashion, as per your customized business needs. We have an experienced corporate secretarial team in Hong Kong to support you with compliance and business consulting.

Commitment to professionalism, comprehensive capability across various industry segments, proactive and continuous learning in the rapidly evolving global environment and ability to conceive innovative strategies and provide comprehensive support in executing such strategies distinguish Business Setup Worldwide, and provide the competitive edge to ensure business growth.