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Is a resident director required for setting up a limited liability company in Ireland?

Yes, at least 1 resident director from the European Economic Area (EEA) is required to set up a limited liability company in Ireland.

What is the corporate tax rate applicable in Ireland?

The standard corporate tax rate in Ireland is 12.5% for trading income and 25% for non-trading income.

How long does it take to incorporate a company in Ireland?

If all documents and formalities are in place, company formation in Ireland takes place within 5 days.

What is the duration of full-term and short-term patent in Ireland?

The duration of a full-term patent in Ireland is 20 years, and for short-term is 10 years.

How long is a publication valid in Ireland?

The duration before expiry of a publication in Ireland is 18 months.

What is the meaning of Patent Pending?

The term ‘Patent Pending’ is particularly used on products to alert competitors stating that an application has been made to protect the invention.

What are the methods of payment accepted in the Patent Office in Ireland?

The methods of payment accepted by the Patent Office in Ireland are by electronic means that includes online, electronic funds transfer (EFT).

What is Knowledge Development Box?

It is a tax incentive tool that encourages innovation and gives the flexibility of a low rate corporation tax on profits made on IP assets.

What is meant by EUIPO?

EUIPO stands for European Union Intellectual Property Office.

What is the corporate tax rate in Ireland?

The corporate tax rate in Ireland is 12.5%.