Free Zones in Ireland

Shannon Free Zone in Ireland

Shannon Free Zone in Ireland

Located at the edge of Shannon Airport, SFZ in Ireland is spread over 600 acres with 200 building house and...

International Financial Service Centre Ireland

International Financial Service Centre Ireland

There’s no better place in the world today for start-ups in financial services than Ireland. Here’s a quick...

Free Zones are essentially an enclave within a country into which goods may be imported or from which they can be exported free of taxes, duties, and often at least some of the regulations applying elsewhere in the country. Apart from the free trade aspects, other inducements to investment in these zones include profit tax concessions and grants from the government. In developing countries, further inducements include very low wages, waiving of health or safety regulations and limitations on workers' rights to organize unions.

When it comes to Ireland, free zones here refer to the commercial areas in which the companies operate in a limited number of similar industries. Establishing a free trade in Ireland is advantageous due to its specific infrastructure tailored to address the needs of the respective industries, as well as numerous tax advantages.

Types of Free Zones in Ireland

Ireland is the first European nation to establish a free zone. Foreign businessman interested in establishing their company in Ireland can do it by setting up in one of the below-mentioned free zones.

  1. The Shannon Free Zone
  2. The International Financial Centre

Tax Reductions in the Ireland Free Zones

Companies that are operating in one of the Irish Free Zones can obtain numerous tax advantages. As it is widely known the corporate tax rate applicable in Ireland is one of the lowest available across Europe (the standard rate is 12.5%). In the Irish free zones, the corporate tax is available at the rate of 10%. The free zones are also exempted from paying the Value Added Tax (VAT) as well as the customs duty. The companies in free zones can also obtain grants for the following corporate aspects:

  • Employment
  • Research and Development
  • Training

Looking at the numerous advantages and incentives offered by the free zones in Ireland, any entrepreneur/investor would want to establish a business there. You will also need help from an advisor who can make this process hassle-free and that’s where we come into the picture. We at Business Setup Worldwide can help you set your business in the free zone. If you are interested in setting up your business in one of these Irish free zones, do contact us today- we’d be glad to help you out.

Being the first European country to establish free zones, Ireland has had its many ‘firsts’ when it comes to creating a business-friendly environment.