Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual property or asset is intangible in nature and is a creation of human mind or intellect, specifically, an idea, invention, discovery, trade secret, process, program, data, formula, patent, copyright, trademark, and design etc. Our firm comprises of highly competent Intellectual property consultants and professionals who gained their knowledge through several years of experience. We offer a wide range of intellectual property services and expertise to safeguard your intangible assets such as trademark registration, copyright registration, patent registration etc.

Who We Are

We at Business Setup Worldwide safeguard the Intellectual Property of our clients and provide a full range of services to our clients to protect from Intellectual Property infringement.

Why A Business Needs Intellectual Property Services

Intellectual property is of significant concern to people who are starting up their own ventures/businesses. Intellectual property results from intellectual creative processes and in today’s world may exceed the value of a physical property such as machines and buildings. In present global economy protecting intellectual property from infringement has become of utmost importance. To protect your product, brand, and reputation it is important to secure your business.

Intellectual property can be classified into following 4 categories:

  • Trademark - This includes Trade Name, service, products and Logo.
  • Copyrights - All types of creative work which includes- Art, Literary Work and Music.
  • Patent - Registration of Patent in case of innovation/invention, Process.
  • Trade secret - processes, codes.

Benefits of Availing Intellectual Property Services

Business Setup Worldwide provides a complete suite of Intellectual Property Services which aims at protecting and registering the identity of your business and tackling any possible infringement.

Our scope of work includes:

  • Trademark and Logo Registration
  • Copyright Registration and Protection
  • Patent Registration
  • Trade Secret Protection

What is Trademark and Logo Registration?

Registration of Trademark gives notice on a nationwide basis that the trademark belongs exclusively to the registrant. Trademarks must be sufficiently distinct to enable consumers to identify the manufacturer of the goods or the service provider so that it can distinguish between the competing goods. Trademark, Trade name, and Logo Registration are necessary to stop counterfeit goods or services. A copy of intellectual property has negative financial effects on legitimate businesses.

Business Setup Worldwide professionally undertake the registration of ‘Company Logo' and trademark or service mark by assisting our client with all the related legal formalities. Our team registers your trademark by submitting an application to the Ministry of Economy and Commerce (country specific, where the business is being setup), along with a specified fee, and finally getting the Trademark Registration Certificate issued to the applicant.

Patent Registration, Protection and Enforcement

A patent is granted to an inventor or organization from the government to exclude others from making, using or selling his or her invention for a period of 20 years from the date of filing the application. The patented product or outcome has the ability to solve an existing technical problem and has practical application in the Industry.

We offer a complete range of Patent related solutions that are tailored to our customers need. Our services include offering legal guidance to searching and analyzing patents.

Copyright Registration and Protection

A copyright is an Intangible property right granted to the author or originator of a literary or artistic production of a specific type. Works that are copyrightable are books, records, films, artworks, architectural plans, menus, music videos, product packaging and computer software. However, it is not possible to copyright an Idea. What can be copyrightable is the way an idea has been expressed. In today’s era, digital information is copyrightable as well.

A copyright law is the most important form of intellectual property protection on the internet. Our Team at Business Setup Worldwide has the complete knowledge of Copyright Act and provides protection by making clients aware of their rights and assisting them with copyright registration and protection from infringement.

Trade Secret Protection

The Law of Trade Secrets protects business processes and information that cannot be patented, trademarked or copyrighted against appropriation by competitors. A trade secret is basically information of commercial value. This includes customer lists, plans, research and development, pricing information, marketing methods, production techniques and generally anything that makes an organization unique.

Under section 757 of the Restatement of the Torts, if a trade secret is used by a competing party without the authorization of the party holding the Trade Secret by:

  • Discovering the secret by improper means.
  • Theft of confidential data through industrial espionage.

The above situations are actionable in terms of Trade Secret violation. 

At Business Setup Worldwide, we help you by providing solutions to protect your trade secrets from unauthorized access, unfair competition, breach of confidence, breach of contract or espionage thereby shielding your business from Intellectual Property related challenges.

How Does the Process Work?

Once we are assigned to your company or organisation, we understand the need based on requirement. Our consultants then segregate your IP and provide the appropriate solution within suitable time.

Business Setup Worldwide - To Protect your Intellectual Property

At Business Setup Worldwide, we have the domain expertise and the presence of IP lawyers/ consultants, allows us to handle diverse issues about the Intellectual property. Technology is undercutting many firms and businesses ability to protect their confidential information, uniqueness and creative outcome. To safeguard your business, your intellectual property, use our knowledge and skills to provide you the optimum cover. 

Please feel free to contact our Intellectual Property consultants at [email protected] for any IP related query for prompt assistance and solutions.