Nevis Offshore Company FAQs

1.How many days would it take for Nevis offshore company formation?

It takes less than a week for offshore business setup in Nevis.

2.Is Nevis safe for conducting offshore business?

Yes, Nevis is a stable jurisdiction and has a good reputation for business activities.

3.How often is renewal required after setting up an offshore business?

The renewal is required after the anniversary date of the company.

4.What is the legal system followed in Nevis?

The legal system in Nevis is based on the Commons Law.

5.Does the jurisdiction allow bearer shares?

Yes, bearer shares are permitted for offshore companies in Nevis.

6.Does information regarding company officers published on public records?

No, there is no public register of company officers in Nevis.

7.What is the standard currency of Nevis?

The standard currency of Nevis is the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (ES$). However, US dollars are excepted widely in the jurisdiction.

8.Are there residency requirements for company directors?

There is no restriction on citizenship in Nevis.

9.What about confidentiality in Nevis?

The jurisdiction provides higher levels of security and confidentiality for offshore companies.

10.Are there any paid-up capital requirements?

No, there is no paid-up capital requirement for starting a business in Nevis.