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Intellectual Property Services in Myanmar

Intellectual property (IP) comprises ideas, logos, literary works, inventions, names of services, products or companies, or processes related to computer, business or chemical, and much more. We help you safeguard any intellectual property related to your business.

Why Does a Business Need Intellectual Property Services?

Intellectual property (IP) is aninnovative and original product of human intelligence, creativity and/or mental labour that has some market value, and therefore warrants protection under the law. IP is usually non-material, for instance, ideas, logos, literary works, inventions, and names of services, products or companies. The owners of these intangibleproperties have exclusivity on those and can manufacture or use it mostly in any way, if they are protected through appropriate IP rights.

Our Offerings

We can help you with patents, trademark and copyright in Myanmar.

  • Patent:A patent is an exclusive right to use and exploit your invention for strategic and commercial gain. We assist you with drafting provisional patent specifications as per international standards, patent journal watch services, patent renewal, and portfolio management.
  • Trademark:A trademark is a symbol which differentiates a company from others, like a logo or brand name. We provide specialized services like trademark searching, filing trademark applications, advising on trademark selection, trademark journal watch services, renewal, and portfolio management.

Trademark registration in Myanmar takes place in accordance with the Registration Act Direction No. 13 of the Inspector General of Registration. It can be registered in the form of a word, image or logo consisting of one or more colours, with the Office of Registrar of Deeds and Assurances through a Declaration of Ownership of Trademark in the name of an individual or business organization.

  • Copyright:Copyright is meant forauthors of books, paintings, photographs, radio/television programmes and software, and exists in order to fight copying of videotapes, audiotapes, artistic work and computer software. We can help you with copyright protection advice and strategy, filing copyright applications, post-registration services, copyright renewal, and portfolio management.

Benefits of Intellectual Property Protection

  • Registering intellectual property adds great value to business authenticity. By filing an IP, a businessman gets the legal right to ownership of the IP and the right to prevent others from using the IP without permission
  • An IP enables a company to protect one’s market share by preventing impostors from stealing the same concept or idea
  • The IP can be licensed to third parties for commercial returns
  • The IP can be sold for an amount or even used to raise equity for the business

Who We Are

Business Setup Worldwide is a platform to help you start your company. We facilitate the setup of your business through services like incorporation, registration and licensing.

We specialize in business-oriented support activities, in face of the ever-changing global executive environment. We place your business objectives at the centre of our operations, and take pride in our ability to adapt to the market and devise innovative strategies to aid firms with their vision.

Business Setup Worldwide's proprietary business design techniques, combined with its specialized industry knowledge and global reach, enable companies to anticipate changes in customer priorities and the competitive environment, and then design their businesses and improve operations to seize opportunities created by those changes.

Why Us?

Our IP consultants at Business Setup Worldwide have extensive experience helping clients in establishing intellectual property acquisition programs customized to suit their current and projected needs, and in developing creative strategies for utilizing patents to add value to our client portfolio, hone their competitiveness, and facilitate their freedom of action. Our team comprises intellectual property lawyers and trademark registration consultants, to facilitate the IP protection process for you, aimed at attaining business objectives and maintaining market position.